Here’s Why the Left Is Terrified Of the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

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We all have lived through the Kyle Rittenhouse case. From the very beginning, starting that fateful night on August 25, 2020, when Kyle Rittenhouse was in Kenosha, WI trying to help people who were hurt by the riots, trying to protect businesses from being damaged by rioters and looters. We watched as he cleaned graffiti off the walls of a local school, and when he tried to put out fires started by rioters. And for his efforts, we saw the young man being chased down by an angry and out-of-control mob. We saw it on video with our own eyes. We watched him being attacked multiple times, and we knew from the very beginning that he did nothing illegal or wrong that led to the altercations. In fact, it was because he was on the other side of the aisle, helping people who were harmed by the riots that he was singled out and attacked.

Rittenhouse ended up shooting three people that night, people who he felt were trying to kill him in a city that was burning, knowing that Democrat-run cities were not being protected by the leadership or the police. He went there to help the community where his father lives because he saw all summer long that politicians were not lifting a finger to stop the rioting. Kyle felt a sense of community and he went there to help.

We saw it all on video, and yet the media continually told us our own eyes were lying to us.

From the video evidence and even the witnesses for the prosecution, it is clear as day that Kyle Rittenhouse was not there with the intention of shooting people. He was there to help people, and he carried a gun because you don’t go into a war zone without protection.

We spent a year listening to the liars, the racists and race-baiters on cable news programs and everyone in between tell us that Rittenhouse murdered two people and intentionally shot a third person, and only now, by watching the trial, did America learn that they were lied to this whole time by people with an agenda.

Kyle Rittenhouse did not break the law, but the Left wants you to think he did.

The Left have always had their shock troops in the streets. About 20 years ago, those shock troops were people who would protest anything that they didn’t like that was happening with the law or pretty much anything that pissed them off.

During the years of the Obama administration, those protesters turned violent at almost any incident that happened. Like the Rittenhouse case, we saw police shootings involving black men where the evidence in most cases didn’t match up to what we were being told by the Fake News media and Democrats. To this day, many on the Left still mention those who got shot by police as if they were “victims” of police brutality even though the evidence did not match their rhetoric.

Like the Michael Brown case, the witness who started the “Hands up, don’t shoot” line admitted under oath that he made it up because it never happened; once the witnesses in the Kyle Rittenhouse case had to swear to tell the truth under oath, it seemed like all the stories that were told about what happened that night in Kenosha were as bogus as “Hands up, don’t shoot.” The witness who was shot in the arm admitted under oath that Rittenhouse never aimed the rifle at him until he pulled out his own pistol and aimed it at Rittenhouse. We then saw the same witness not long after that on a morning TV show lying once again about what happened and the leftist hosts of the show never questioned him on it.

There is a reason for all of this. You are not going crazy. Yes, everything you think was gaslighting was indeed gaslighting.

The Obama days were the beginning of the violent shock troops in the US in the same manner that socialists have used them throughout history. The Nazis had their brown shirts. Mussolini had the black shirts. And the Democrats and the Woke Supremacy have ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, along with useful idiots who burn down businesses after they are looted.

There is a reason why there is so much interest by the Left in the Rittenhouse case and why the media has lied so much about it. It’s because the Left are terrified of what it will mean if Rittenhouse is acquitted, which he should be.

Conservatives are not known to get activated the way they do on the Left. The Left knows that generally; they own the streets. When there’s going to be a protest, a riot, or the burning down of a city, the Left know that no one is going to stop them because Democrat politicians have given up trying to stop them for political reasons. This is why you never see riots in Republican cities. It’s because they know the leadership would stop the riots and people would go to jail or worse.

Conservatives do not join angry mobs and do not protest whatever angers them on the streets. It’s not in their nature.

Conservatives are usually working during the day and don’t have time to go to protests as they are trying to build a life for them and their families.

There was one thing that the left feared. In 2010, a bunch of people who were fed up with how the government was running the country formed a political group called the Tea Party. The Tea Party was a group of conservatives and libertarians who showed they were not afraid of protesting and endorsing political candidates they felt were going to fight for fiscal responsibility in government. That movement shook the political landscape in the next election and the Left took notice of it. For the first time in many of their lives, leftists learned that people on the Right do have the capability of protesting and forming groups, fighting back and getting results, and it scared the living hell out of them.

The Tea Party shook the world up, and it scared the Left. They don’t ever want to see something like that again. That’s why the Marxists fight in the streets. They want you to be afraid of them and to think that when they start attacking people in cities, there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s what gives them power. Fear. They want you to be afraid.

Kyle Rittenhouse represents the American people using the right to defend themselves. It is a God given right to be allowed to defend yourself and for years the Left has tried to take that away from us. If Rittenhouse is acquitted, the Left are afraid that groups like ANTIFA and BLM will no longer be able to intimidate people because the Right will start to defend themselves when physically attacked.

The Left wants you to believe you are not allowed to defend yourself against them. If they can’t crush you on the streets, then they will use the system to do it for them.

The George Floyd riots that lasted the entire summer of 2020 were excused nightly by media leftists based on perceived “systemic racism” in police officers throughout the country. It was a lie, but it was a useful lie for the Left. Democrat leaders looked the other way based on that lie. It’s okay to riot, loot, commit arson, and attack people because you’ve been oppressed.

The mobs are sending the message, even now, that you cannot fight them. They have the ultimate right to do whatever they want without reprisal.

The message is if Rittenhouse is acquitted, you deserve to be harmed. You deserve to have your city burn. They are sending a message that you are not allowed to defend yourself because if that catches on, they are out of business.

They know that the media can’t hide the basic facts of the Rittenhouse case. Try as they have with lies and misinformation, the people know Kyle had the right to defend himself and that he was not running around Kenosha with a gun looking for trouble. The people he defended himself against were looking for trouble. The Left would rather that Rittenhouse died that night than shown he could defend himself.

It’s not about punishing Rittenhouse so much as it’s about sending the message that Americans can no longer defend themselves when they believe their life is being threatened. That’s political power for the Left. They want something changed, riot. They want something they can get democratically, they will loot, burn, and riot.

The shock troops throughout history have been the Praetorian Guard of tyranny. Without the shock troop mobs, there is no tyranny. Now you know why the Left is collectively hoping Rittenhouse is convicted.

When more and more Americans realize they still have the right to defend themselves from people who wish to harm them or their loved ones, the Left will come to grips that millions of law-abiding Americans are armed with pistols and rifles, people who don’t want to harm anyone but will no longer be fearful of defending themselves. And that scares the living hell out of the Left in general.





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