Here’s What’s in the Latest Food Report From the UN Body Run by an Ex-CCP Official

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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), headed by former Chinese Communist Party official Qu Dongyu, issued a report on Sunday calling for decreased meat consumption in developed countries and other sweeping changes to agriculture to combat climate change.

The report, released before the conclusion of the UN Climate Summit, urges policymakers to make substantial adjustments to agricultural markets to align with the climate agenda and address global warming.

Politico has accused Mr. Qu of leveraging his role at FAO for China’s interests.

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“Providing healthy food for all, today and tomorrow, is crucial; as is aligning agrifood systems transformation with climate actions,” the FAO report states.

“Agrifood systems should address food security and nutrition needs, but they host a large number of actions aligned with mitigation, adaptation and resilience objectives. Simultaneously, the climate agenda could mobilize climate finance to unlock the potential of these systems and drive their transformation.”

The report asserts that individuals in wealthier nations may reap numerous benefits from reduced meat consumption, including improved health and the fight against climate change.

Conversely, poorer countries can gain from increased protein consumption. To better align agriculture with climate goals, the report suggests “increasing productivity and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product through better livestock genetics well adapted to existing and future climate conditions.”

“Nobody actually takes him seriously: It’s not him; it’s China,” a former UN official told Politico of Dongyu and his relationship with CCP officials. “I’m not convinced he would make a single decision without first checking it with the capital.”

The report urges policymakers to “change the livestock population to match not only nutritional needs but also environmental opportunities and constraints” and to shift away from large livestock animals, like cows, in favor of smaller ones, like sheep or chicken, for meat production.

The report also calls for policy to “change consumer behavior regarding portion size and nudge towards responsible decisions by food sellers and consumers” and to “change food and beverages taxes and subsidies to provide consumers with an economic and rational decision-making justification for change.”

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The FAO will then release two further papers at the upcoming UN climate summits, COP29 and COP30.

These papers will focus on “developing regional strategies for transforming global agricultural systems, as well as outlining plans for individual countries and setting out methods for monitoring and accountability of emissions.”

Requests for comment from both the UN and the FAO were not immediately answered.




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