Here’s What GMA Says Americans Need ‘More Than Anything’ Right Now

We’ve all seen it before: a celebrity being interviewed on a popular morning show and using their platform to push their own agenda. And in this case, the agenda was none other than LGBTQ+ propaganda.

D.J. Pierce, commonly known by his drag queen name “Shangela,” was a guest on Good Morning America Tuesday to talk about his upcoming “Fully Lit” tour and his push for drag queens and LGBTQ deviant behaviour across the nation.

The segment started with co-host Robin Roberts literally jumping for joy waiting for “Shangela” to come out from backstage. After that, Roberts, and fellow co-hosts Lara Spencer and Michael Strahan sat down with Pierce to discuss his past and upcoming highlights.

When asked about his tour, Pierce said, “My tour is all about bringing people together, having a good time, and we’re gonna turn up, baby.” To which Roberts replied, “We need that right now. We need that all the time but especially now [with] everything going on in the world.”

Is it? Is it really what we need right now? With all the issues going on right now—The border crisis, inflation, the energy crisis, global trade problems, and the constant threat of war I find it hard to believe that ‘this’ is what we all need.


While I get that we need a lot of things right now, I’m pretty sure drag queens and LGBTQ+ propaganda isn’t one of them. The truth is, if Pierce wants to dance in dress-up clothes, that doesn’t affect me. I could care less. But the second “Shangela” enters a space where children are present and tries pushing LGBTQ propaganda down little throats, that’s a bridge too far.

It’s no secret that the woke left has been trying to push its agenda for years. They want to control our thoughts and dictate what’s socially acceptable. They want to replace our core values and beliefs with their own.


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