Heckler Dragged From Hillary Clinton Event For Shouting Questions About Husband’s Link To Epstein Island

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Someone clearly did not want the truth to come out, as evidenced by the disruption of Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s campaign event in Houston recently.

Alex Rosen, a brave man with no regard for his safety, dared to challenge failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton regarding her husband Bill’s relationship with dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The rabid Democrat audience immediately drowned him out in boos and jeers and started chanting Lee’s name as he was shoved to the ground and dragged out of the event.

Adding further questions to this already suspicious situation is House Oversight Chairman James Comer’s recent demand that Joe Biden provide loan documents and IRS filings regarding a $200,000 “loan repayment” made by James Biden in 2018.

According to Comer’s letter, there appears to be no evidence of interest being paid on this “loan” which raises questions about whether or not it was simply an effort for James Biden to cash-in on his family’s influence peddling.

“Is this really necessary guys?” Rosen asks.


Undeterred, Congressman Comer rose up after being informed of the allegations and started demanding the Biden Administration provide evidence of any loan documents or IRS filings regarding a $200,000 payment made by James Biden to Joe “The Big Guy” Biden in 2018.

Comer noted that there appears to be no interest paid on the alleged loan, based upon White House representations.

He added, “Whether it was a loan or not, James Biden’s March 1st check to Joe Biden demonstrates one way he personally benefited from his family’s influence peddling of his name and their access to him. Even if the transaction in question was part of a loan agreement, we are troubled that Joe Biden’s ability to recoup funds depended on his brother’s cashing-in on the Biden brand.”

“You guys vote for the same sh*t over and over again,” says Rosen.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer expressed serious concern regarding Joe Biden’s reported $200,000 loan repayment from his brother, James Biden.

In a letter to White House Counsel Edward Siskel, Comer stated that the lack of documentation raises questions about whether this transaction was actually in place as a loan agreement or if it was an example of James cashing in on the Biden family name and access to Joe.

Comer further noted that even if there was a legal loan agreement in place, he is troubled by the fact that Joe’s ability to recoup funds was dependent on his brother profiting off of the Biden brand.

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