Heavily Armed Biden Goon Squad Storms Trump Supporters’ House Looking For Pelosi’s Dirty Laundry

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Couple interrogated at gunpoint for over two and a half hours without being read their rights or shown a search warrant after no-knock raid

An Alaska couple were rudely awakened on Wednesday April 28 when an armed FBI squad broke down their door and stormed their house while they were still asleep, handcuffing the couple at gunpoint and interrogating them for over two and a half hours while refusing to provide a search warrant.

Inn & Spa owners Paul and Marilyn Hueper had their front door broken down at approximately 9 a.m. without warning, though FBI agents claimed they had knocked on the door twice.

Speaking during an interview with local radio outlet KSRM-AM, Marilyn Hueper said the armed FBI team, consisting of at least a dozen agents, was in search of a laptop belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that disappeared during the January 6 Capitol protests. The Huepers say they never entered the Capitol, or even come within a hundred yards of the premises.

“It was a little alarming when I turned around the corner,” Paul said, describing a scene where at least seven firearms were trained on him and his wife. “The first thing they did was start barking out commandments.”

“We sat there really for the first hour, not knowing what’s going on,” Paul added. “They never offered for us to be comfortable. It was very harshly done.”

The agents ransacked the house after leaving a large hole in the front door, and confiscated multiple laptops and cellphones.

“So I think almost right off the bat, they said, ‘Well, you probably know why we’re here.’ Or something like that,” Marilyn said. “It’s like, yeah, no, not really. And they said, ‘Well, we’re here for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.’ And I said, ‘Oh.’ ”

The couple was separated by the agents and Paul Hueper’s request to be shown a search warrant was denied for over two and a half hours. Marilyn was told when she asked to see a warrant that she would “get to see it later,” and she was then accused of being a woman seen in photographs inside the Capitol.

Marilyn said she does not look like the woman seen in the photographs, and that despite trying to remain calm and respectful she couldn’t help but laugh at the agents’ bizarre allegations.

The Alaska Watchman reports that “At no point was the couple read their Miranda rights or charged with any crime, and the agents left after three hours without offering an apology. They also took Marilyn’s phones and laptop.”

“We were just out vacationing, and there were cheap tickets to our vacation spot, so we decided hey, we’ve never been to a rally, let’s go to a rally. Let’s hear Trump speak,” Marilyn Hueper said of the couple’s trip to D.C.

Joe Biden’s Justice Department, the FBI, and other law enforcement organizations have launched zealous manhunts for men and women who attended January 6 Stop the Steal protests, while largely ignoring the myriad violent and insurrectionist crimes perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters in 2020.

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Katie Wall

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Country Boy

No. Just tell ’em “I’m not saying a damn thing without my Attorney present, and get that damn barrel out of my face you SOB,.” They don’t scare me. They didn’t the 1st time, and they won’t now either.


Should have had her picture without the face diaper in the side by side. The pic of the fake her ear lobe is distorted because of the ear ring. Just saying.


When do the FBI get their brown shirts? I guess Nancy must have a laptop from hall too.

Cecelia Henderson

These people aren’t politicians. They are normal Americans that were in the right spot at the wrong time. Can you imagine have armed men breaking into your home when you had done nothing wrong? No warrant, no knock, no Rule of Law for these people. This could happen to any of us.


IF they come for her you and I are next IF we step out of line? All we do is support Trump mainly because he is being so trashed and lied about.H e did more in 4 years than these fools did in 50


These are pelosi’s brown shirt’s!!! As long as she is in Congress, and she has the power she has, power, that has gone to her head, this will continue. She is so full of hatred for President Trump, that she will stop at NOTHING to completely obliterate him. She has to be stopped!!!!

Sharon Arrington

This is storm trooper type actions. Biden has lost his mind, and whomever that is pulling the puppet cords is a reminder that we are in a dangerous atmosphere for our nation.


b HUSSEIN o, SOROS!!!!!!!


Traitor Obama is running DC.

Roger Moeb

Why do you people talk to the FBI or any law Enforcement? If they break into your house with or without a warrant. Say one thing over and over. I exercise my rights under the 5th Amendment not to answer any questions without my attorney present. If they come back with, If you are innocent, why do you need an attorney. Say, Anything you ask or say to me has been answered, If they ask you if you want a cup of coffee, Say again. I exercise my rights under the 5th Amendment not to engage in any conversation without my attorney present.


“Heavily Armed Biden Goon Squad Storms Trump Supporters’ House Looking For Pelosi’s Dirty Laundry”

Although similar, that is not the same woman in both pictures. The adipose facial tissue (cheek fat) is leaner on the scowling hag in the Capitol building. The eye lids lack the same conformation. The lower lid folds are in different locations.
Besides, used DEPENDS are disposable.


Constitutional Violations by the FBI … Lawsuit against the US Government will be filed!

Mark Gravitte

obiden is a pussy, a child molester, a pedophile. Laws are in the books because of people like obiden. When your allowed to police yourself this is exactly what happens. The most feared words in the English language are; were here from the government and were here to help you. The end.


Our tax dollars being used for No Knock raids on innocent civilians !!! Like Roger Stone , send SWAT and FBI Teams in cuffing everyone and questioning them, when ringing the door bell would have been nicer than kicking doors down !! Guess they needed a Rambo rush or just being so powerful over unarmed innocent people !! The FBI SHOULD BE DISMANTLED TOTALLY !!! The whole administration is a 2 tiered justice system !!! DHS is another one !! Spending their time spying on civilians or American citizens !! Democrats still sliding FISA Warrants by Judges without cause !! And Wray is a LeftWing lookout !! What happened to Hunters Laptop evidence , Clintons runway visit with the AG at the time !! Destroying Miller’s evidence after being told it was not to be destroyed !! Lord God , please bring our real POTUS back and end all this corruption 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


Mullers not Miller !

Daniel Rourke

Totally amazing this will all come out, the phony fiza reports the phony Mueller reports the phony impeachments the phony FBI investigations all for phony lies Hillary bought and leaked to the FBI and the phony Obama administration which condoned and encouraged the phony FBI investigations into the incoming duly elected Trump administration while the rest of the world especially China has gained a lot of ground attempting to displace the USA as the dominant political power.


Exectaly how the Chinese and Russian Marxist Communistsd do it!


Must be Some Serious Lynching information on that laptop!!


THESE EVENTS AS DESCRIBED SHOW HOW LITTLE REGARD THIS ADMINISTRATION AND THE LEFTIST, MARXIST DEMCRATS HAVE FOR THE CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW. THESE PEOPLE ARE GUILTY OF NOTHING! THE FBI AGENTS ARE GUILTY OF DENYING DUE PROCESS, STEALING THE FAMILYS ELECTRONICS AND ALL WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE OR ANY SORT OF WARRANT! I see these events took place on April 28th. but this is the FIRST I have seen of it and that seems to confirm a cover up of some kind. The incident shoud be thoroughly invrestigated! These agents were ordered to act by someone and I would like to know if it was the Director , the President or House Speaker Pelosi who ordred this raid!Once that fact is known: Every American citizen should demand to know WHY such an obscene act was perpetrated in total violation of existing laws and with no semblance of courtesy, legal compliance or if the information on the supposed Pelosi Computers was considered a threat to national security or some nefarious plan to aid the implementation of U.N.Agenda 21 here as she has been trying t do for the last 25 YEARS!
If so, she and the Agents belong in Prison- NEVER ELECTIVE OFFICE, as you or I would be were we to act in such fashion!

Country Boy

The violent extent to which these FBI goons are going to “to find Nancy Pelosi’s laptop”, sure makes one wonder just exactly what kind of self incriminating evidence is on Pelosi’s laptop that she doesn’t want any of us to see doesn’t it? She must be about to wet her Depends…..ya think?


These storm troopers coming saying commandments:

Thou shall not kill.
Thou shall not steal

Daniel Rourke

Beyond belief, presumed they are guilty, damaged property. and took property, Now the FBI does raids on request for the Dems like the Roger Stone raid with armed stormtroopers at 5 am with guns drawn on a political rival with phony trumped up politically motivated charges, like Russia or China? They forgot to call CNN to get it on TV

Thomas Johns

Under federal law probable cause is all thats required for FBI to conduct a search! Charges are not brought until after an investigation and they can hold you indefinately under strict isolation without legal representation if they assume your a domestic terrorist! Thia is what the Patriot Act did to our Constitutional rights. The gestapo reborn!


Scary what our country has come to as we turned out backs on God as a nation.

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