Benghazi Survivor Mark Geist Has Heart Tragic News For Democrats, Hillary Clinton Is Done For

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It’s terrifying to think that the United States nearly elected a career criminal into the White House when we came far too close to voting in disgraced former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this past November. It has been several years, and Hillary still has yet to own up to the blood that is on her hands because of Benghazi.

Obama & Hillary are a total disgrace to our country. They should pay for what they didn’t do to save these lives. People will never fully understand the impact of Hillary’s lies.

Listen as he brutally slams Hillary Clinton in a new National Rifle’s association ad. It truly is the best thing on the internet right now.

VIA|  According To Conservative101: Thankfully, survivors of the Benghazi catastrophe refuse to stay silent, and are committed to taking as long as it takes to make sure that Hillary finally comes to justice. They are also committed to make sure that all Americans are protected from the tyranny of people like Clinton and Barack Obama. Benghazi survivor Mark Geist recently recorded a fiery message that is sure to sting weak liberals.

Said Geist recently in an ad for the National Rifle Association, “I know the truth about Benghazi, I was there, fighting alongside five Americans who were all raised to believe that if you have a chance to save someone’s life and you don’t try, that’s more criminal than anything else. So we fought for 13 hours and we saved lives. But we are not unique.”

He continued, “We are no different than the Americans who ran back into those crumbling towers or the Americans who tackled the armed terrorist on that French train. Or the many faceless, nameless Americans who every day risk their lives for perfect strangers, trapped in burning cars or dangerous waters, because if they didn’t no one would.”

Geist concluded, “Where was that courage among the politicians that had the power to make the difference during those 13 hours in Benghazi? I’m the National Rifle Association of America, and I’m freedom’s safest place.” Do you agree with Mark Geist?

Watch below:

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