Hannity Scolds Democrats After GOP Takes House: Pelosi’s ‘Reign Has Now Come To An END’

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Sean Hannity snapped following the GOP’s big win. It’s finally over! While everyone complains about the lack of a Republican super majority I think they’re failing to see the bigger picture. Republicans have captured the House which means Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be on her way out very soon.

“We begin tonight with an extremely important alert. It is now official. Republicans have now won a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, and that is a big deal. Nancy Pelosi has been demoted and her reign has now come to an end,” Hannity announced.

He continued looking into the future adding that, “as of Tuesday, President Trump, he kicked off his 2024 presidential bid last night in Mar-a-Lago in a speech filled with policy and perspective.”

Hannity continued, “And while we can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen in 2024, we can take a look back. Remember, just two years ago, Americans were recovering from the pandemic in a big way. Gas prices were low. Interest rates were low. Inflation was almost nonexistent. The stock market was surging and the southern border was secure. But in two short years, under Joe Biden, that trajectory now has changed and it has changed dramatically. Our country is now in a precipitous decline.”

Hannity continued to note the struggles here in the US and added that under Democrats, “Europe is now teetering on the brink of yet another world war.” He added, “Now, these are major life altering problems, and yet Democrats are not offering any solutions at all. They are lying. They are smearing their fearmongering, and like this is some kind of game. This is all before the election. Remember, they lied about, oh, Republicans are going to take away your Social Security. They lied about democracy is on the ballot. It is in peril.” All the while, Hannity noted that Democrats ignored voters’ needs.


Another important aspect aside from voting power; the GOP will now be able to launch investigations. Against people who wronged Americans during the pandemic. Voters will hold the GOP accountable to make good on their promise to go after Hunter Biden and anyone who helped cover up the story about his filthy laptop.




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