Hageman Takes Victory Lap Around Cheney: ‘We’re Fed Up!’

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Harriet Hageman stomped rhino Liz Cheney into the ground politically during the Wyamoing runoffs. She beat Cheney by a landslide and now gets to take a victory lap around the political princess stating that the people are “fed up” with Washington, D.C., and its “corruption.”

“Wyoming has spoken, and it was a resounding victory,” Hageman said when asked how she felt following her win. “I think that it is a reflection on a couple of things. One is Liz Cheney. It’s a reflection on her and the fact that we don’t want her allegedly representing us in Congress anymore.”

“It was also, I think, a reflection on what happened last week in Mar-a-Lago,” she added, referring to the FBI’s unannounced raid on Trump’s Florida home earlier this month.

Hageman was endorsed by former president Trump where Cheney destroyed her career trying to ruin him. I think the messaging here is clear.

She says that Wyomingites agree, arguing that they see through what “rogue agencies” like the FBI and DOJ are doing, as well as the effort by Congress “to destroy President Trump rather than govern the country.”

“Washington, D.C., has become too big and too corrupt,” she said. “I think that there are a lot of people in Washington, D.C., both Republicans and Democrats, who don’t care whose in power so long as they are, and we need to change that.”

“We need to bring the power back to the people. We need to return the power to the states where it belongs. We need to actually adhere to our constitutional construct, which is separation of powers, being regulatory agencies and unelected bureaucrats have essentially taken over the role of legislating in this country. And that needs to fundamentally change,” she added.

Hageman said that the people of Wyoming, and Americans as a whole, were ready for “serious leaders” to take charge and solve the problems persisting across the country, naming decades-high inflation, open borders, the drug crisis, and the war on fossil fuel and energy industries as some of the top issues happening under the Biden administration’s watch.

“The people of Washington, D.C., are not serious, and they didn’t like President Trump because he recognized everyday, family-dinner-table issues that are important to the citizens of the United States, and he attempted to deliver,” she said.

“The last thing that people in Washington, D.C., want is accountability and success,” she added. “We want serious leaders who are going to start putting aside the nonsense and focus on the issues that are important.”

Hageman said that one of her main focuses as a congresswoman would be legislation addressing the need for increased domestic energy production. She cited the vast reduction in U.S. oil and gas production under the Biden administration and attributed that to the record-high gas prices plaguing Americans in recent weeks.

“None of this is rocket science. I’d take any average, everyday person off the street in Wyoming who could figure this stuff out inside of about 10 minutes. This isn’t complicated,” she said.

Hageman predicted Republicans would see “huge” success in the November midterm elections and declared that Wyoming was speaking for the rest of the country in its rejection of Cheney.

“Wyoming has spoken, and Wyoming is speaking on behalf of people all across this great country. We’re fed up. We’re just flat fed up. And there’s going to be a red wave in November, and I’m excited to be a part of it. We need to take our country back,” she said.

“I have talked about accountability. I’ve talked about my policies. I’ve talked about protection of our energy industries and the importance of energy independence, regulatory reform and what we need to do to get on top of it and get our country back,” she said.

“I think all of those things came together last night, and the folks in Wyoming have spoken, and they’ve said that they are really looking forward to having someone who is from Wyoming, cares about Wyoming and is going to represent Wyoming,” she added.


Hageman will now face Democratic nominee Lynnette GreyBull in the November general election but is expected to cruise to victory.




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