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Gym Owners Shocked To Find Out What Has Been Done To The Flags That Hang Outside Their Place Of Business


Lets these guys break it down for you. Both have different ethnic backgrounds, (one guy, a vet and the other, an immigrant from Indonesia) but they have one thing in common. They LOVE AMERICA.

VIA| When Dicky Mulyana arrived at his gym this morning, he saw something unusual by the front door.

“I noticed there was something on the ground, and then I looked up and was like, ‘Where’s my flag?'” he recalled.

His American flag had been burned, and the charred nylon remains lie melted on the pavement. The wooden pole was burned, but still intact.

Mulyana said it must have happened overnight between when he left at 8:30 and when he got back at 4:30 Wednesday morning.

And it wasn’t just his flag. In the same complex on Downing Avenue and Alken Street, the flag outside Neal Lyday’s gym was also burned.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Lyday who arrived at work this morning to find one of his trainers, a combat veteran, standing over the charred remnants in shock.


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