Guy Fieri Angers Leftists After He Shook Hands With Donald Trump At UFC 290 Event

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Saturday night’s UFC 290 was the source of much dispute and debate, with an unexpected celebrity interaction serving as the flashpoint.

Former President Donald Trump and celebrity chef Guy Fieri were caught exchanging pleasantries outside of the octagon. This innocuous moment quickly became a source of contention with some users on social media launching vitriolic attacks against Fieri after images of their interaction went viral.

The widely-viewed match between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier provided much entertainment for fans in attendance at the UFC Apex Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. What happened afterward, however, was far from expected.

Images quickly circulated on social media showing former President Donald Trump shaking hands with the Mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri. The two men appeared to exchange a few words before continuing on their respective paths, but this brief encounter stirred up a flurry of negative responses from some viewers online who did not take kindly to their meeting.

Republican supporters have long been vocal about their admiration for the former president and many took great offense at what they perceived as unjustified criticism directed towards him.

Others felt that the reaction was too intense for such a minor occurrence; one user said: “I don’t understand why everyone is getting so worked up about this? It’s just two people exchanging pleasantries – what’s wrong with that?”

The incident has divided opinion amongst members of both political parties and it remains to be seen how things will pan out in the coming days and weeks ahead regarding this controversial matter.

One thing is certain though: this brief encounter between Donald Trump and Guy Fieri will certainly be remembered for years to come – no matter which side you’re on politically!

“Interesting to see the popular mayor of Flavortown meeting with that wretched ex-president,” one viral tweet with over 600,000 views read. “Philanthropic and fun, Guy Fieri has always seemed so immensely likable — until now.”

“Well this is disappointing,” another tweet, this one with over 140,000 views, read. “I liked Guy Fieri but what this tells me about who he is on a personal level and his ethics and morals really bothers me.

“Why would he be caught talking & smiling with Trump? That’s horrible. Ewww.”

Responses like this are all over social media.

“Unless video/audio of Guy Fieri telling Trump to his face that he’s a #Traitor who deserves to die in prison surfaces pretty damn fast, his career is over,” one angry tweet claimed.

“I have no idea who Guy Fieri is, but anyone kissing trump’s a** has to be a big douche,” another upset tweet read.

“Doesn’t Guy Fieri know that everything Trump touches dies?” pondered one particularly vitriolic tweet. “Hope his career goes down the toilet.”

Not everyone was furious at the pairing. Many felt that Fieri’s interaction with Trump was a sign that the former president was “BACK!”






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