Guess Who Just Took Control of $60 Million in Black Lives Matter Assets

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I have mentioned recently that it seems that Black Lives Matter is only getting negative coverage now in the mainstream media.

There is a good reason for it and if you ask me, they should have been getting negative coverage for the last two years while they were rioting in the streets of numerous cities.

But the central idea that keeps coming up when they are mentioned now is in regards to what happened to all of that money that they raised.

We know about the multiple mansions that one of the co-founders suddenly was able to purchase. One of them worth approximately $6 million and the other one worth approximately $2 million.

But there is much more to this story than that. The most insane thing to me about all of this is that when you take a step back and look at who’s connected to all of this everything points to Hillary Clinton. And even more specifically, this matter with Black Lives Matter funding comes back to Marc Elias.

Yes, that Marc Elias. The same Marc Elias who is Hillary’s favorite attorney.

One of the reasons that support has been lost in Black Lives Matter is because of the massive problems with accounting in the organization.

They have delayed reported what actually happened to the $60 million that seems to be missing.

According to Washington Examiner,

The new BLM filing with New Mexico also said that Minyon Moore is a “Board Member” for BLM, and BLM’s California filing lists her as a “Board Member” too.

Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together PAC was reportedly incorporated by Elias in April 2017, and Elias is listed as a “Governor” for the Clinton PAC in a business filing for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Moore was listed as the “Director/President” at Onward Together for the fiscal years of 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Clinton posted on Facebook in May 2020 that Onward Together would “partner with” Elias’s Democracy Docket to “protect Americans’ right to vote by mail.” And she posted in June 2020 that her followers should “join Onward Together and Marc Elias in the fight for voting rights by signing up for Democracy Docket.”

There is just too much dark money being moved around within this organization and with the dirty hand of Marc Elias and Hillary Clinton touching it.




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