Guess Who CNN Blames For ‘Senile President’, Illegals, And CRT Concerns

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CNN’s Oliver Darcy described Fox News’ coverage as an “Instagram filter,” arguing that the story might be true to start out with but the presentation is what makes things appear distorted. She went on to imply that American’s aren’t concerned with actual threats (like the pandemic) and are too focused on how ‘senile’ Biden is.

I hate to break it to her, but Americans are more than capable of having interests in multiple areas.

“Obviously they’re getting that messaging from the media they consume. That set of headlines that you just scrolled through, I could feel my blood pressure rising just reading those. That’s the goal, right? The goal of this kind of coverage is to freak people out, to cause them to live in fear,” Rampell said.

Rampell went on to suggest that coverage also focused on promoting the fear of issues that were less likely to be “mortal threats” while downplaying issues that she believed were more serious.

“Ironically a lot of the fearmongering is about the things that are not actually mortal threats and then there is ignoring the things that are mortal threats, you know, COVID isn’t real and climate change isn’t real,” Rampell added. “I would argue that, to me anyway, those things are a little scarier or have been scarier at various points in the past couple years. Instead it’s about the immigrant hoards and a senile president and Critical Race Theory brainwashing your kids, things that are if not just exaggerated, are invented out of whole cloth.”


I’m not a huge fan of Fox News and ironically, most of the people Rampell thinks she is targeting aren’t either so her argument that Fox is responsible for Americans realizing that Biden is out of his mind is completely false. We knew he wasn’t playing with a full deck back when he was a campaigning puppet unable to remember his own name or what office he was running for.

I think Biden’s degenerative state is evident in how the White House handles him and won’t allow (by his own admission) him to answer unscripted questions.

As for how half the country feels about CRT, I think we can agree that no one wants to see the country turn everything into a racial issue or to have our children judged by the color of their skin. That’s such a huge step backward.

Lastly, strong immigration policies help negate terrorism—We would be doing our fallen Americans a major disservice by forgetting how the attacks of September 11th occurred in the first place. They also allow Americans the opportunity to properly vet incoming immigrants. Absolutely no one is against legal immigration.

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