Graphic Video: Assassination of 2 Cops Attempted In Broad Day Light, Caught On Tape

Pulse-pounding video shows the moment that police got into a shootout with three gunmen who had tried to ambush them. This happened in broad daylight in Orlando, Florida. The video of the encounter is a bit scary.

The Orlando Police Department said:

“Two officers in clothing marked ‘Police’ happened to pull through an intersection where 3 armed males were on bicycles. The officers were not looking for these individuals. Preliminary information indicates the 3 subjects opened fire on the vehicle, and officers had to return fire from inside the vehicle.”

Bodycam video from the police officer in the passenger seat of the unmarked black Jeep Grand Cherokee shows the vehicle start to move forward as the three men on bikes open fire. One officer dives to the floor as the one driving pulls out his gun and returns fire. The officer on the passenger side then exits the vehicle and takes cover from behind it.

From there it was like open combat as the brave cops do not back down and return fire. The bodycam footage shows one of the ambushers as he shoots the one cop in the head. At least thirty shots were fired during the battle.

From The Blaze

The assailants fled the crime scene. Travis Weston, 17, was wounded in the leg, apprehended, and taken to a local hospital before being booked into jail. Jameon Brown, 22, experienced an injury to his arm. He received treatment from the Orlando Fire Department before being booked, according to Fox News. The third suspect, 19-year-old Michael Collins, was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon.

All three suspects face charges of attempted first-degree murder on a law enforcement officer with a firearm and aggravated assault with a firearm.

“We are very fortunate not to be speaking about an officer-involved shooting where we may have lost one of our officers in this incident,” Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón told FOX 35 Orlando on Tuesday. “We’re kind of puzzled as to how this happened. Again, the officers simply pulled up, as they tried to make contact, before they could get out of their car, there are shots that went into that vehicle that they were in.”