Graphic! Majorie Taylor Greene Plays Demonic Death Threats Left For Her By Democrats

Warning- what you are about to hear- if you click on the link below- is an example of the types of death threats that were left for  Republican US Representative Majorie Taylor Greene at her office on Capitol Hill. The contents of the audio she plays are disturbing and chilling.

“It is never ok to leave death threats for any member of Congress,” Green said to her audience, before playing three very bizarre messages, from people who obviously have mental dysfunctions.

Forbes, who posted the video reported:

“In a video released to social media, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) played death threats left against her on voicemail.”

Greene played a series of three voice mail messages left for her at her office, where one man and two women leave 3 voice mail messages for Greene’s office staff, describing how they want to see Greene dead and how they want to shoot her dead.  One caller said he wanted to see everyone shot at the US Capitol and pushed down the stairs.

The callers have a mad frenzy to their voices, a sort of possessed sound to them, which Greene says is a consequence of having the US Media sowing hatred toward members of Congress, and division to the population.

Greene points out numerous inaccuracies and false statements by the US Media, about her and other supporters of President Donald J. Trump, which have led to mass disinformation and anger.

Please remember the messages are gruesome and upsetting.

Taylor is a vocal and determined proponent of America First Policies, and an outspoken critic of the Socialist-Marxist- Communist revolution in America. Her bold stand has earned her top billing to be hated by both the RINO right, like Mitch McConnell- and the radical far left.

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Greene opposes more lockdowns of the US Economy and for that she has been vilified by both RINO Republicans and Democrats, who want to see more lockdowns and more restrictions on Americans.

A recent post of Greene’s made the RINO-Left alliance go to war with her on social media.


Calling Greene a “cancer” is an established talking point for the alliance that fights against Greene’s America First agenda.

The Daily Mail, in February, reported on a poke at Greene from her own party over Greene’s ideas. Mitch McConnell who is well known to be aligned with the Communist Party jumped into bed with the left to discredit Green and call her cancer, while at the same time elevating a Republican who was anti-America First.

From the Daily Mail:

Mitch McConnell says Majorie Taylor Greene’s ‘loony lies’ and QAnon conspiracies are a ‘cancer’ on the party and calls Liz Cheney ‘courageous’ for voting to impeach Trump

  • Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell denounced QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Monday
  • He did not specifically mention her name in the statement but referenced the bizarre conspiracy theories the far-right lawmaker has pushed 
  • He called Greene’s ‘loony lies’ a ‘cancer for the Republican Party’ 
  • Greene hit back on Twitter saying that ‘the real cancer for the Republican Party is weak Republicans’
  • McConnell also threw his support behind Rep. Liz Cheney on Monday
  • He said she had ‘courage’ in voting to impeach Donald Trump last month 
  • Cheney has faced efforts to push her from her third-ranking spot in the House GOP after the vote

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The left, the RINO right and the media push out hatred for Greene on a regular basis, and now we see the consequences.


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M.T.G is one of the few great Americans that has the guts to stand up and fight back for us and never back down and has my support! I am thankful we have her in Congress and wait for the Secret.Service to do their jobs and jail every one of these idiots that threaten her?

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Cecelia Henderson

Wow, I had no idea that we had this many people in America so filled with hate. They are just sick!!! I stand with MTG for free speech, for guns and for being brave enough to speak up. MTG, I wish I could stand beside you, but know that I support you.


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OMG, the idiots that left the messages sound as if they’re high, drunk or somewhat mentally deranged. They also sound somewhat mentally slow. I wouldn’t even listen to the crap… just hit the DELETE button and the problem is solved.

Robin Bettencourt

FBI needs to get off their ass and start arresting people for obvious death threats….sick fucks.


They wont, shes on the “wrong side”


Stop calling RINO’s right wing, as they are leftists in disguise.

Tracey German

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Democrats: The Party of violence, freeloaders and felons.


I hope all those making these threats are charged. Stop ur brain washing from the left . Take our country back from u spineless pieces of crap.

Gerald Ladd

Bitch McConnell, and his slut chink wife are owned by the Chi Coms.

Liberty One News