This is why you need to pay close attention to your local representatives and vote accordingly. Host Dana Bash asked GOP Rep. Fred Upton (Michigan) whether it’s possible Congress would strike a deal on gun control before the impending recess. Upton downplayed concerns of gun-grabbing red flag laws.

“I want to turn to guns. A bipartisan group in the Senate is trying to lock down a compromise deal, but funding for state red flag laws and eliminating the so-called ‘boyfriend loophole’ do remain sticking points for Republicans. Congress leaves for recess in a week. Do you think a deal is still gettable?” Bash asked.

Upton said he thinks a deal is still possible before recess, but the two “sticking points” are “common sense.”

“Law-abiding folks shouldn’t have any fears in terms of what’s going on. It’s been a rallying point, particularly for the NRA and Gun Owners of America. You look at their website and they’re raising cash like you wouldn’t believe in terms of, ‘their Second Amendment rights are being taken away.’”

“That’s not what’s happening here. This is common sense stuff. But it’s been elevated, for sure, particularly when you have some pretty well-respected Republicans, whether it be John Cornyn or Dan Crenshaw literally being accosted at their state conventions in Texas this weekend.”

Red flag laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders, allow a court to confiscate a firearm from an individual who is believed to pose a violent threat.

“If you can seize people’s guns without proving that they committed a crime, why can’t you imprison them without proving that they committed a crime? If you can take their guns, why can’t you take their homes? Why can’t you empty their bank accounts?” Tucker Carlson said Monday.

Many people worry that these ‘red flag’ laws hand over way too much discretion over lawmakers and offer vague language which jeopardizes the second amendment.

Erica Carlin

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Hurry home RINO traitors 4 a big wet sloppy kiss!

Sandra Lee Smith

No gun deal; Cornyn walked out! No more 60 votes to pass it.

Sandra Lee Smith

Cornyn fixed that; he came home. No more 60 votes… I know, surprised the heck out of me too…

Philip Hammersley

Upton’s the one who banned our good light bulbs some years back to appease the earth-worshipers in the DIMM party.

Tim Shep

They’re politicians and you can’t trust any of them be they democrat or republican. They talk out both sides of their mouths.

Turd Ferguson

If they can use the IRS against the population. And the FBI and CIA against a sitting president. What would make anyone think they wouldn’t use red flag laws against anyone they wanted to at any time!



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