GOP Senator Joins Dems In The Effort To Disarm Americans

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‘The people’s government has determined that you are a danger to the state, you are hereby commanded to surrender your guns’. We aren’t very far from that Soviet Union-Esque proclamation today as the ‘‘Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2021″ has been filed in Congress… by a so-called Republican.

Florida Senator, former Presidential Candidate, Marco Rubio has filed the latest “Red Flag gun seizure” bill himself. It’s a perfect mate for HR 127 and completes the destruction of the Second Amendment.

According to even the NRA has supported this bill,  “To the great shame of gun owners everywhere, the NRA backed his bill! Their top lobbyist, Chris Cox, even cut a video endorsing the concept!”

Rubio has officially crossed the Rubicon on this one, this is quite literally a gun confiscation order that denies firearm owners due process. Chris Cox hides behind the “ex parte” hearings which according to the NRA apparently constitutes “due process” however, this creates a scenario wherein American’s rights are violated without their having an opportunity to face their accusers, a concept which flies in the face of our founding values. 

This cannot and should not ever be tolerated in American law or jurisprudence:

“—Upon issuance of a temporary ex parte extreme risk protection order or extreme risk protection order as described in subsection (b), a respondent shall surrender all firearms and ammunition in the custody or control of the respondent to the appropriate local law enforcement agency, as determined by the State or Indian Tribe.”

Most of The People You Know, Can Report You, And You Can’t Stop It

This act establishes a framework for expanded Extreme Risk Protection Orders for which a person can be ‘reported’ as a danger to themselves or others by a wide-range of individuals (for likely very petty reasons) and have their guns and ammunition seized by law enforcement.

Under the law, you cannot stop or interfere with the seizure an if you attempt to you will be arrested (or worse), you may only challenge it AFTER the fact to get your property back. A court has up to 14 days to do so, and the authorities may keep your guns and ammunition for up to a year.

The classifications of persons who can file a ‘report’ on a given individual are so broad as to invite extreme abuse and manipulation of the orders for retaliatory or harassing purposes. Under the law “the term ‘family or household member’ means, with respect to a respondent, any:

  • Individual related by blood, marriage or adoption.
  • Dating partner (as defined in section 11 2266 of title 18, United States Code) of the respondent. (No, they’re serious)
  • individual who has a child in common with the respondent, regardless of whether the
    individual has— (i) been married to the respondent; or (ii) lived together with the respondent at any time; (So yes… your Ex or their spouse)
  • Individual who resides or has resided with the respondent during the past year. (Your current or former roommate…)
  • Spouse or intimate partner (as defined in section 2266 of title 18, United States Code) of the respondent.
  • Individual who has a biological or legal parent-child relationship with the respondent, including a stepparent-stepchild and grand parent-grandchild relationship; (Seriously, your Ex’s new spouse.. or their parents..)
  • Individual who is acting or has acted as the legal guardian of the respondent;

Second Amendment Daily came up with a shorter (and much funnier) list that is just as accurate,

  • “Anybody you’ve dated — Another reason not to date ‘crazy!’
  • Anybody you’ve lived within the last year – hope that liberal roommate left on good terms!
  • Somebody who shares a child with you even in a step-parent capacity — hope your ex’s new boyfriend likes you!
  • Anybody related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption.”





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