GOP Sen Cotton Backs Biden After Media Turns On Him For Shielding Saudi Crown Prince

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Biden vowed to make an example of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after he allegedly ordered the torture and murder of a journalist for a US-based news network but that was ‘campaign Biden’. Since taking over the White House Biden has changed his tune and made friends with the crown—Even though the crown prince reportedly makes fun of him.

In a weird turn of events, GOP Senator Tom Cotton has come to Biden’s defense after even the liberal media abandoned him. Biden granted Prince Salman immunity from the murder of U.S.-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi was justified and in “keeping with the practice and lawsuits involving foreign heads of state,” Sen. Tom Cotton said Sunday, agreeing with the White House’s argument.

“It would have been a major break of those customs to not granted that kind of — grant that kind of immunity,” the Arkansas Republican said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” adding that Saudi Arabia is “far from the worst abuser of human rights.”

Iran, he pointed out, has “massacred protesters in the streets,” and China is also problematic with what it “does to harvest organs or commit genocide against ethnic minorities.”

“If we didn’t have partners who didn’t always share our political systems and social sensibilities, we couldn’t have allies and partners,” said Cotton. “Saudi Arabia’s been an ally for 80 years.”

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper couldn’t stomach defending Biden’s decision. During his show, he slammed the president for siding with a murderer.

“A few weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that MBS ‘mocks President Biden in private, making fun of the 79-year-old’s gaffes and questioning his mental acuity,’ according to people inside the Saudi government. Nothing gets leaked by the Saudi government to The Wall Street Journal without MBS signing off on it, President Biden,” Tapper began.

“What are you — what are we — getting in exchange for letting this thug get away with murder, Mr. President?” Tapper asked. “Other than the stink of complicity?”

Biden vowed to make the Saudi murderer pay, only to cuddle up close to the crown prince and snap as journalists dared to question his motives. Tapper played a clip of Biden shouting at journalists, “why don’t you guys talk about something that matters?” as they asked Biden to explain his sudden flip.


Even WaPo slammed Biden for shielding the crown prince. Publisher Fred Ryan criticized Biden when the news was first reported, accusing the president of effectively granting bin Salman a “license to kill” in a blistering statement published Friday.

“In granting legal immunity to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, President Biden is failing to uphold America’s most cherished values. He is granting a license to kill to one of the world’s most egregious human-rights abusers who is responsible for the cold-blooded murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist,” Ryan wrote.

Ryan went on to note that King Salman had named his son — the crown prince — prime minister in an effort to use international law to shield him from the consequences of his actions.

“By going along with this scheme, President Biden is turning his back on fundamental principles of press freedom and equality. The American people – and those wronged by MBS in Saudi Arabia and around the world – deserve better,” he concluded.


Cotton later told FOx News that granting prince Salmon immunity was a way of protecting American interests, adding that “when you’re talking about individuals who are at the head of a foreign government. It’s customary for decades to grant them immunity.”




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