Good Guys With Guns Credited With Stopping Mass Shooting

Armed citizens are being credited with stopping what could have been a mass-casualty shooting. The gunman reportedly opened fire near a gun range, killing two people before being killed by locals. Two other victims are being treated and are listed in stable condition.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said, “arriving deputies located several victims suffering from gunshot wounds … Three individuals were pronounced dead on the scene, and two more were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The two transported victims are in stable condition.”

The Sheriff’s statement also noted how the investigation currently credits bystanders with stopping the rogue gunman from carrying out more fatalities.

“At this time, it appears a suspect shot two victims inside the location, then was engaged and shot outside the location by multiple other individuals,” the sheriff’s statement continued. “The suspect is one of the deceased on scene.”

While it is currently unclear who the armed citizens were, gun range employees typically do carry firearms so it is likely to have been one or more staff members. However, people at gun ranges also often carry guns. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

Either way, it’s clear from reports that good guys with guns are not the threat but the remedy.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is participating in the investigation.

Concealed-carry student, Tyrone Russell, described the event:

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“We heard the gunshots and the screaming … When the police came, they escorted us out. I could see glass everywhere … It was just like a really scary scene.”

Students in the class took shelter under desks while instructors headed towards the gunfire.

At this time no identities of the suspect or victims have been released as the investigation moves forward.

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Tim Kuehl

Uh, oh. There goes the excuse for the total gun control bill just authored by Queen Sheila Jackson (Namesake of a slave owner and accused racist US President) Lee (Namesake of Confederate general). With names like hers, she must be a racist too so must be toppled from any kind of power and authority.

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