Take this with a grain of salt, But Whoopi Goldberg says she has a very close relationship with God and that he told her abortion was a valid option.

During an episode of The View, Goldberg got into a heated exchange over abortion with pro-lifer conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck delivered a beautiful speech about how precious all lives are by telling of her own struggles to conceive saying, “I was trying to get acupuncture, and have a baby.

If you struggle with infertility, whether you had an ectopic pregnancy or whether you had a number of miscarriages, which you grieve and that’s hard.”

Hasselbeck went on to explain that women aren’t really given many options adding, :I think one thing we’re failing to mention to women as women is that there are options out there that extend beyond abortion.

I personally believe not because I believe life has value because I believe our creator assigns value to life, and that those lives have plan and purpose over them as designed by God that are not limited to the circumstances of conception, nor the situations they’re born into”.

She continued, “But I do think there are options out there. There are thousands of agencies that wrap around women that might not be able to care for the baby once born or may not want the baby when they’re pregnant or maybe it was unexpected and they’re in a hard situation, but that will come around at no cost and wrap around you.”

Hasselbeck added, “I might not change your minds, but I hope women out there know to look for the nonprofits, look for the agencies that help you create a birth plan and match you with an adoptive family who may have suffered miscarriage after miscarriage who want to care for the baby.

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So, that option is real and it’s out there. And I don’t believe they’re giving women half the information out there. And I think those lives have a precious value on them.”

Goldberg did not like Hasselbeck’s answer of course and argued that all lives aren’t precious. The two began a big back and forth before Goldberg asserted that, “God does not make mistakes”.

Later adding that she was very close to God and that, “God made me smart enough to know that if there are alternatives out there that can work for me, I will investigate them. But I also know God said, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I will not make that decision for anybody.”


Erica Carlin

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Sus frat

I can’t even look at her… she is a disgrace to her race

Sandra Lee Smith

If you meant humanity, as the race, I agree.

Grizz Mann

That is the human race!


What will she say when she hears God say ” depart from Me I never knew you”




whopee tinburg is a real donkey hole and has dementia hearing voices


I agree! I wonder what she has to say with the commandment “Thou shall not kill”. Of course, most abortions are by black women, anyway. They just make up their own rules & God hasn’t said a single word to her. Those are Satan filled voices in her head. Most people are making up their own rules, because, it is a RULE & makes them feel better about their decisions, wrong or right.

OR Patriot

Sorry MORON, That wasn’t GOD you were talking to!! THAT was CLEARLY SATAN!!


My thinking entirely. Satan has also corrupted an entire political party that thinks it is okay to expose little kids to drag queens and discussions about sexual perversions wreaked by mental illness. Not to mention a whole bunch of anti-American and Godless other things.

April Lopez



Just because she played Oda Mae in ‘Ghost’ does NOT make Whoopi close to God. Have you ever seen those illustrations where Satan is whispering into a persons ear? That’s what’s happening to Whoopi.

Debra Kelly

Whoopie’s god is named SATAN.


Right, God told her it’s ok to murder a baby, the ignorance is stunning.


So happy to learn Whoopi has a direct line to God. Perhaps she can share his telephone number with us., or, whatever means she has to connect.

Sandra Lee Smith

Just talk to Him, He can hear you anywhere, any time; when & how He chooses to respond may be the problem. You have to keep the channel open & your “receiver” tuned in.




The god she listens to ,,, You Want To STAY FAR AWAY FROM ! He Comes To Steal, Kill, and DESTROY !


Too bad God did not pass this wisdom on to Whoopi’s mother. We would be a lot better off without her.

Sandra Lee Smith

It was not legal back then. Her mother followed the laws.

Mike L

Whoopi’s statement shows the effect of poor religious education and how how evil (you know who I mean) can invade and mislead a person’s conscience.


I’m surprised Goldberg’s tongue didn’t fly out of her mouth after what she said. That’s the thing about the left they use quotes from the bible when it suits their argument. The rest of the time it’s just lies, lies, lies. The folks that watch the view need to wake up and listen to what they are saying on that show. It would drop viewership quickly.

Sandra Lee Smith

“They MISUSE quotes from the Bible…”. Fixed it for you. I have yet to see 1 properly apply the Word of God, when using it to support the agenda; such is not possible, since the agenda embodies so much He prohibited as sinful (harmful to self & others).

glenna cox

I do not believe that to be true. she is such a liar..

Grizz Mann

That makes her a good Democrat.


Just another fat slob that thinks she knows more than anybody! Besides, I DON’T care what she thinks or says! She’s a “typical” libtard!

jason George

Did her “god” have a pitchfork and horns?

Sandra Lee Smith

No; neither does Satan. He was Yhwh God’s 1st & most beautiful creation, but he chose (angels have free will too) to place himself as equal to Yhwh God, in rebellion against all God declared to be good, & lost his place, in Heaven, by so doing, with 1/3 of the created angels following him. That was when his name was chanced from Lucifer to Satan. Those angels who fell from grace with him are also misleading & lying to humans susceptible to them.


Satan said whaaaaat?


My, God! We have to be tortured before being able to make any comment by worthless aholes selling their work and make money ads. These people are hijacking websites for free advertising and the Federal Trade Commission has warned about these ads. Stay away from them. They take YOUR money and you don’t get paid. This is a perfect example of terrorism and Google is as guilty of tis as any of these people. Most of us are smart enough to know to stay away from these terrorists. Worse is this website allowing this terrorism and they are now terrorists, too for allowing this to happen. My people at my law firm are investigating these people. Don’t fall for this rot!


Too bad her Mama didn’t have that talk with God! Sorry, she’s a disgrace to her race and the human race.


You took the words right out of my mouth…………………


I guess if Satan is Goldberg’s god…


So ah, God told her to murder the unborn and transgress the Ten Commandants? That sure makes sense. Not. I have to ask if God told Caryn Elain Johnson to change her name to Whoopie Goldberg to appear more Jewish?


God also tells black people that committing crimes, dropping out of school, and having kids out of wedlock is fine too. Blacks have no morality except that of the whorehouse and jailhouse.

Sandra Lee Smith

Don’t lump all of any racial subgroup as if all are “the same”. They each have the Same free will you do, individually, to choose right or wrong, good or evil. Because a percentage of a group choose to do wrong, that doesn’t mean ALL do, or are without Godly morals & conscience.. it’s sad so many choose evil, but it IS their choice, & for now, God will allow it, even when their choices earn them eternal condemnation. That’s NOT what He wants for them; it’s what their choices earn for them! Others among the black subgroup are very Godly & moral people, whom we should respect as much as all who are.

Grizz Mann

You mean Democrats, of course.


Then why are you here with us?


A new day, a new idiocy from the town idiot Whoopi Cushion whose name alone should warn everyone to ignore whatever her ugly face spews but who earns more than most town mayors. What a pity that stupidity and crude thinking are rewarded in America.

Last edited 7 days ago by Laine

So…Goldie speaks to God and God speaks to her….I sincerely doubt that. Now , God and Jesus were very protective of children. I suppose that’s OK with Goldie IF a fetus gets to become a child but if it’s killed in the womb, God is OK with that??? Really, really, really doubt that

John R. DeJulius

Well, GOD told ME that Whoopi Goldberg is a LUNATIC !!!!!!!!!!!


Update… OF THE DEVIL !

April Lopez

Lol oooookayyyy.

That wasn’t God…..that was Satan whispering in her ear. Satan using her to spread evil and telling everyone its ok to kill.

God does not make mistakes, human makes mistakes by giving back the most precious gift he could give you.

Ell Jay

This heathen wouldn’t know God’s voice from the wind. She’s like her father, the devil, as are so many in “entertainment”. WHY this program is still on ( and who “watches it”) is beyond me.


A big mouth with a small brain

Coolmeadow Kid

She’s too stupid to know the difference between God and Satan. Satan lies, God, and His word, never lies. Whoopi? Read the Bible and give me a verse that says what you just said. I’ve been waiting for a friend who is a retired Episcopal priest to do that, and 8 weeks later he hasn’t been able to produce one. I’d bet money you can’t either.

Sandra Lee Smith

I don’t think I’d keep waiting; I’ve read the Bible cover to cover in many different translations, & never found a verse that even remotely suggests that God is “fine” with murdering infants at any point past conception.


Hey whoopee, God also states killing is a sin. So you don’t mind that black kids re being slaughtered.

Sandra Lee Smith

No, God said “thou shalt not murder”, not “thou shalt not kill”. KJV got that wrong, & it’s been misused so often it’s a joke. Read the Hebrew word, & see for yourself.

Sandra Lee Smith

I don’t know to whom she was speaking & listening, but I do know it was not Yhwh God! He would’ve known her heart was not speaking of “abortion” (the natural process of expelling an already deceased & decaying infant to protect the mother), but feticide or infanticide (the intentional murder of a fetus or infant in utero), which is most assuredly NOT “just fine” with Him, as He clearly declared repeatedly throughout His Word!


God told her! What an idiot she is, actually they all are.


Can Whoopi cite which God she was referring to or maybe cite which biblical book she got this from??????….Sometime s Whuppi is a bit vague……

Joe Shubert

Who is your God? Biden My God sayes it is a Mortal Sin.

Grizz Mann

I would guess that Karen might be close to a god, Hades, Pluto, Hel, Kali, etc..


BS—she’s smoking Crack again!


Whoopi forgot to mention that it was the god of this world who told her abortions were alright !


Whoopi’s “god” is Satan…but she conveniently left out that little detail.

Ewe Never Kno

This from the same lunatic who said “Dr. Jill Biden for surgeon general. She’s a great doctor.”

Susan Satava

Em, Whoopi: That wasn’t God.

J. R. Justice

What I like best about Goldberg is the knowledge that when she finally leaves this earth, which I hope will be very soon, she will become a permanent resident in HELL !!!!

Michael W Smith

Goldberg is nothing more than a 600 McPounder eating slob. Next she’ll tell us that she can walk on water.


Sorry Whoppie ………. Your Listening To The WRONG god ! God’s Word Says.. I KNEW YOU WHEN YOU WERE In The Womb !

Norma Joyce Jenkins

Whoopi is one crazy person and Gid has already told her in his word how precious the unborn are. Read Psalms 139!!!! She really needs to learn to keep her ignorant mouth shut.

Norma Joyce Jenkins

Sorry… God

C Lee

A god, not THE God.


I thought her god was the devil bu taking a look at her, her god must be Budda.


Caryn Johnson is one overstuffed sack of s**t. Her mother should have had the abortion.


God said he loves you but doesn’t know you.

Tim Shep

God told this obnoxious heathen nothing. She’s a hate mongering prevaricator.


Whooped Goldturd said that the LORD made her Smart ? Smart as a worthless as Nuggets in the bottom of the Toilet Bowl !



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