Glenn Greenwald Busts Out Democrats’ Secret Mission With All These New Leaks

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald says that Democrats, not Republicans, are setting Joe Biden up for failure. Greenwald gave a detailed breakdown of their efforts to take Biden out before he humiliates them and runs in 2024.

“The concerns about his cognitive decline emanated not from supporters of Bernie Sanders nor from supporters of Donald Trump, they came from these kinds of inside DC strategists and operatives who in 2019 were petrified that Biden would win the Democratic nomination basically by inertia—through name recognition, from having been Obama’s vice president. And they were deeply worried that he was not capable of sustaining the rigors of a campaign.

And they were the ones sounding the alarm in 2019 that he’s not the same Joe Biden,” Greenwald told Fox News in an interview last week. “And he ended up winning despite that and never had to test himself with the rigors of the campaign things to the COVID pandemic where he got to basically just speak from his basement and speak to a few friendly interviewers. So we’ll never have known whether they were right. They’re the ones who are concerned about it.”

“And you know, we’re now three or four years later and the decline is palpable. I mean, you know, everyone who has a grandparent recognizes what’s going on with Joe Biden, on top of which they’re likely to get destroyed in the 2022 midterm election because he’s become the single most unpopular president in post-World War Two history for a first-term midterm president. So obviously, Democrats are petrified that he’s going to try and run again and clear the field,” Greenwald continued.

Greenwald explained that Democrats, not Republicans, are actively working to sabotage Biden using a continuous stream of leaks and Hunter Biden bombshells.

“There’s clearly a concerted effort not from Republicans but from Democrats to undermine Joe Biden. And obviously, it’s because they fear that he is going to try and run again,” Greenwald said.

Greenwald told Fox that Democrats aren’t willing to openly admit that Biden was an active player in his son’s shady deals because that would hurt their image but are more than happy to leak the laptop findings to burn the sinking ship that is Joe Biden.

“I think you saw that with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was the start of the decline of his approval ratings and his problems with the media, and it’s clearly accelerated. Whether they’re willing to go so far as to admit that there were at least corrupt intentions if not actions on Joe Biden’s part of these deals being pursued in Ukraine, in China, that may be a bridge too far for immediate that still wants to maintain this idea of the Democratic Party is heads and shoulders above Republicans in questions of integrity and ethics… But clearly, there’s an attempt to correct what they did in a way that reflects least poorly on the lies they told,” Greenwald said.


Now, the left has turned all of their ‘Trump-rage’ against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in an attempt to make him seem worse that the dreaded Republican president. It’s all an attempt to control voter opinion. Just as they did before, during, and after Trump’s presidency.

Greenwald went on to explain that the folks in the media need Trump in order to keep their jobs and I have to admit.

I don’t think I knew much about Don Lemon, Rachael Maddow, and Chris Cuomo prior to the 2016 election. According to Greenwald, that’s because they were all on the verge of losing their jobs.

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