Girl Faces Up To 15 Years in Jail After Facebook Posts

In case you missed it …

It takes a special kind of stupid to commit a felony and then brag about it on Facebook for everyone to see.

Especially when we see the same thing over and over again.

Alexandria “Ally” Lyons of Grand Rapids was arrested after she posted a video showing her allegedly goading other protesters to damage and loot buildings in Grand Rapids.

Someone must have reported her for what she posted and the police were able to track her down and make the arrest.

The riots saw over 100 businesses get damaged. She has been charged with the malicious destruction of a building (between $1,000 and $20,000) in one case and inciting a riot.

If found guilty on both counts she could be facing 15 years in prison.

Grand Rapids police Detective Matt DeJong wrote:

“Defendant could be heard telling her friends to get her a gold bracelet because she already has silver ones.”

“She is heard multiple times encouraging her friends and others to throw bricks or other objects at windows of multiple businesses downtown and at one point picks up a brick herself and mentions heading ‘back to the courthouse.’”

From The Blaze

In one video, Lyons allegedly instructed her friends to break into an ATM.

Lyons shared footage of her having a party at her house, where she was reportedly seen wearing stolen clothing from F. David Barney Clothiers.

Police tracked Lyons down after receiving numerous tips and people sharing social media posts of her looting and destroying businesses.

Lyons faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted on the charges. The inciting a riot charge carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, and the malicious destruction of property is punishable for up to five years. Lyons was arraigned on Tuesday at the Grand Rapids District Court, and is being held on a $40,000 bond.

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nonya business

She’s white? Damn, how that happen?

Anonym Ous

Nah! Just a whiteface treatment.

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Country Boy

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Clayton Dungey

What in the heck does your commercial have to do with the topic about this girl?

Anthony Pfab

She’s working for Antifa and BLM, regardless of skin color. They have tons of useful woke idiots in their grip.

Mike White

Where does it say she is She’s working for Antifa and BLM ? or is that just your opinion ? Tp many people post what they think but make it read as fact. I don’t condone what she done but no reason to lie and add to the story


well mike, I Don’t think it says that any where! but it is called Freedom of speech! and it is being stripped from us every that is what you should be standing up for..instead of trying to silence people! and calling them liars! and who made you the thought police anyway? oh waite they are Defunding our police..or is that a lie too?


I doubt Mike will respond, so I will. As a conservative, Republican, libertarian, or properly educated white, straight, G*d fearing male, you’ve no right to express your racist, fascist, misogynist, politically incorrect propaganda. We need to find a proper psikhushka or gulag for people like you.

PS; Stevin, the above is acerbic political satire. I agree with you and gave you a thumbs up. Sadly, my satirical comment is what progressives have actually claimed in one form or another.

Harry O

Oh Steven I just love you guys, the freedom lost fighters. Holy crap you throw those accusations around like confetti.. Name me just ONE, just ONE, of these famous lost freedoms you’re always crying about having lost? Come on Steven just tell me ONE freedom your daddy had that you don’t have? Name me just ONE of the freedoms your grand pappy had that you don’t have? Just ONE Steve?


One lost freedom?! How ’bout the second amendment. It reads, “shall not be infringed”. So, how many times, how many ways, how many methods has that sole amendment been infringed upon.
Are you required to have an FOID card in your state or any other state. That alone is an infringement. And there are countless other such infringements drafted up by liberals, Communists, Socialists along the way.
I am appalled of the failing education system in what was the United States. Now Divided States.
Well, Harry O, it does seem as if you have never made a sacrifice for the nation you dwell. As a veteran, I am in mourning for a nation lost to liberals whose whole objective is the desolation of a Constitutional Free State of government with a replacement form of government disguised, yet the very same as Socialist Democrats, or Communists. An who heads the list for this change but the very wealthy. And a look at the followers should give weight to the statement made.

Mike Right

Mike White..Who gives a rats ass who she did it for ?? Antifa and BLM are hate groups should be destroyed at all costs and that’s all that counts


They’re not ‘Hate Groups”,
They are Terrorist Organizations.


Better Still, and our Federal Government is looking the other way, paying for their bail money! What a sick government we have, with the Senile Old Fart, and the Whore of Babylon. They are both MIA!

Harry O

Marie: Facts don’t matter a hell of a lot to you do they. I never heard of this, must be on Fox News. After all they are doing their best to hide from their gullible viewers that Jan 6 happened in the first place Have you seen any footage on that Marie?

Ray Copeland

Your right, we don’t have any Government, bunch of braindead demonRATS, Muslims, street whore Harris, braindead Biden, and drunk Nancy that need to be put in front of a firing squad, letting these freeloaders BLM thugs get away with burning and stealing and killing, but somebody trying to protect their property get locked up.


Right on! We are sick of the hate groups who want to destroy our country!

Country Boy

Well it doesn’t take a genius to come to that conclusion………


Pfab correctly called her a “woke idiot”; “useful idiot” is another popular expression of morons who cannot understand right from wrong and believe getting free stuff is their right.
She’s working for Antifa and BLM knowingly or unknowingly, either way she’s doing their bidding. They get paid for the most part, but she is an idiot.
Antifa and BLM are working for globalists who intend to take over America. Biden is in that camp, a communist by any other name is still someone who hates Freedom for anyone who is not in their camp, but after the smoke clears all the useful idiots will be thrown under the bus.

Fred Brown

Or be the first in line-up at the firing squad!


That is correct! They think they are ” warriors ” and all they are are morons and idiots!

Harry O

I agree with you Marie the same way that Jan 6 unfolded apparently with all those “loving’ patriots there to praise Mike Pense not hang him

Harry O

Fred every once in a while someone on the Trump Train says what is really on every ones mind and that is the destruction of all opposition to Donald Trump. Firing squads? Is that your considered opinion Fred. Which ones of your neighbors do you want to see executed first? I can hardly wait for this Utopia you dream of when all Dems are removed from the US and the population drops in half. Oh you won’t kill all of them you say, the children and women, some of them anyway, could be sent to patriot camps where they can be indoctrinated to a better way where they will learn to love our dear Leader? Keep an eye on the tube today Fred that’s what is happening to a lot of women and children in Afghanistan this morning. Remember that place? I can hardly wait for this paradise that Trump says was stolen from you! Firing squads Fred, not squad singular. Did you know that Himmler had to find a final solution to the Jewish question because after thousands of executions the average member of a firing squad became sickened by the work they had to do Better start looking for that final solution now?

Harry O

You say Antifa and BLM get paid for the most part. Who pays them? Jeff Bezos? Like between every space landing sends them a bank note every Thursday out of petty cash? Sure he does?

Eddie Jackson

If she was black there would be no arrest. Maxine Waters has caused deaths. Common knowledge.

Harry O

Eddie: And Donald Trump hasn’t?


Alexandria “Ally” Lyons of Grand Rapids was arrested after she posted a video showing her allegedly goading other protesters to damage and loot buildings in Grand Rapids.
If they were protesting in Grand Rapids, we all know it was not the the AARP crowd. Use your head, Mike White, read the article again and you will see these were the same protesters we have seen in the last year.

Daniel Quigley

I also doubt this Woke Liberal Moron will answer due to the fact the media actually showed her Facebook posts and page before it was shut down. In it she professes she works for both Antifa and BLM because she hates this country. She is a Devaout Socialist as per her own page and words. The best part is immediately after her arrest she claimed her Facebook posts were takin out of context. Imagine that.

Harry O

She says she works for BLM and Antifa They are 2 different organizations. Is she telling the truth? Like that guy on Jan 6 wearing the horns on his head who says he’s the QAnon Shaman. I think he’s lying, but it must be true I seen it on CNN.

Harry O

I agree with you Mike. 15 years for her and for the several hundred that attacked the Capital on Jan 6th. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. But we better start asking for lenience for all of those perpetrators, Because a loose tally gives us a total of 15 years times, oh say about 600 or so by the time law enforcement finishes rounding them all up, times 25 thousand per offender per year to keep them incarcerated, well you do the math???.

Ray Copeland

Can you prove that she wasn’t???, since you know so much

Carlotta Howard

I hope her butt goes to prison she deserves too if she is with BLM she definitely doesn’t know how to think for herself


I too feel the same way. Throw this ignorant woman in prison and throw the key away!


Actually the police should throw bricks through HER WINDOWS – STEAL HERCSTUFF – THEN BURN DOWN HER HOUSE.
Now that’s fair.


She’s an anarchist. She’ll skate right through the process. I’d bet money on it.


But that is what our Government wants, people who cannot think for themselves, a bunch of zombies, who are beholding to the government for everything. Remember the pot will get smaller! Look at Cuba, Venezuela and USSR! REad some real history!


Because “RACE” is all about skin-color (said no intelligent person, ever).


Please say what race is, or if it exists in your view.


Think about it… is not about skin color, it is the things that you do that makes you a good person or a bad person! BLM and Antifa, Hunter Biden, Harris, our many RINOS, Newsome, Cuomo, Maxine Waters, AOC, Obama there are white ones and black one in this mix and all of them are bad! Evil! Corrupt!


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Country Boy

Being a prostitute isn’t the best way to earn a living girl.

Captain Kublai

She is kind of cute though. Probably made good money for her BLM pimp on her strolls.


She’ll be someone’s ”cell mate” in prison! hahahahahaha


It doesn’t say she’s working for anyone, except that she’s urging her friends to get her various things and destroy windows and buildings. And it’s a given the girl’s brain took a long vacation since she was stupid enough to post this stuff online. I mean, c’mon! That’s begging to get arrested. She may be working for someone or she may not. She may be woke or not, but for sure she’s stupid, and I’m glad she is. I am delighted she is behind bars. She’s every bit the terrorist antifa and blm are.


That is for sure! They are the plague……

Imogen Atkinson

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Mike White

This is no damn place for your spam.. GET LOST


Mike White,self proclaimed though police!! why don’t you get lost?


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Gary Rhodes



But she identifies as a black man.
(isn’t it obvious?)


If she was Black, she would have never been arraigned.


There where a heck of lot of white women ( if that is what you want to call them ) right in front of most of the antifa thugs College kids really The news site put them right up front for show It has to do with stupid parents and school teaching

Harry O

Amazing isn’t it, that some people misguided or otherwise, care about their black brothers and sisters in the good old US of A.

David Kachel

A fatal case of stupidity. That’s how! Apparently, Jane Fonda is contagious!!

Ray Copeland

That is why she was arrested if she was one of these low-life freeloader scumbag black thugs, not a word would have been said about it, which these thugs better not cross my path, even the real black people hate their guts.

TJ Burke

Another lost, “woke invader”. Happy to see this prosecution. This is one of some xxMillon that should be investigated, but won’t be….

Mike White

Me too but makes one wonder why they never went after BLM for doing the same thing. Proves our system is racist towards white people. She needs to be in prison but so do the blacks that do the same thing


Is this Joes Bidens Illegitimate Granddaughter ?


All these white people stand with blm now but in the end they will still be the enemy to blm cause their white . One day they will wake and fine it so . See how they fair then .

Mike White

Are you saying she is a BLM member ? Where did you get that info. The article says nothing about that. I’m against BLM and against what she done but with out you making a reply with no proof or link to article confirming she is a blm member, you are no better


He said “stands with” not that she is a member. Where in his post did he say anything about her belonging to BLM. You need to stop reading things into another person’s posts. You seem to think you are the judge, and that makes you look stupid. You have no reason to post about his post. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. What she did (not done) is reprehensible and she deserves to get the maximum sentence, and serve the whole term without any early release for any reason.

Captain Kublai

Mike the white cuck.

Imogen Atkinson

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Mike White

You lie with your spam. If you made that online you would not be here telling us about it.. Your a low life spammer




Proof of how stupid the rioters are.

Joseph Sullivan

The DNC will post her bail and fix her case for her. Once she gets her Sociology degree she will be cracking heads on campus as just another leftist terrorist professor with tenure.

Samuel D. Ornelas

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Christina Robleto

She’ll be someone’s bitch in prison. Curious to know if she attended the blm/antifa riots. It sounds like she has.


WHAT Waite!! is a rioter going to be Held accountable and charged criminally well god dam we still have LAWS?? and people be held accountable ?? I’m not tripping any SUPPORT OUR POLICE!!!! and get involved in your schools and politics Run for school board. congress treasurer or fuckin dog catcher..just do something..THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND TOGETHER WITH ANY AND ALL PATRIOTS INCLUDING ILLEGALS IF THEY ARE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM 1ST AMENDMENT(FREEDOM OF SPEACH) AND OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS..AND STOP THE MARXIST FROM TURNING THIS COUNTRY INTO WHAT THEY ARE FLEEING!!! .FREE CUBA!!IF YOU DONT SEE WHAT IS GOING ON PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS…SO ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE THIS LAYING DOWN?? THIS COUNTRY BELONGS TO US THE PEOPLE,AND THAT IS WHY THE DEMOCRATS DO EVERYTHING IN THAyre POWER TO DEVIDE US!! THEY SPUE THIS CRT BULLSHIT brainwashing our children into hating our country .AND TELL US THERE IS SYSTEMIC RACISM AND IF YOU WANT SECURE ELECTION’S and boarders!!YOU ARE A RACIST,AND PLEASE STOP WATCHING FAKE NEWS CNN nbc abc AND SO ON..sorry for rambling on…truth be told the Marx’s communist Democrat party and big tec fake news a lot of corrupt judges FBi Soros and the swamp has us in a death grip..I will die before I tap out.what about you??


Of course, she is going to get the max, because, she is white. A black right along beside her saying the same things & even doing them, will get nothing. Systematic racism against blacks & white privilege. Don’t you see why. Just be white & doing nothing & you will go to jail. AT least she’s going to jail for doing something criminal. Look at Cosby, black privilege & look at Winestein. Look at the black police officer who deliberately murdered Ashli – got nothing. See the difference. It’s all about white crime punishment….

L. Stam

Too bad there’s no cure for STUPID!


There is….

Gary Rhodes


Steve Barrette

Another commie demoncrate

Zoe Holmes

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David Shepardson

When will blm & antifa be arrested?


“Goading” people to do bad things is really, all about the 1st Amendment. Which, protects our natural, intrinsic, inalienable right of free-speech. It’s really about what people do with what has been said. Nobody has control of anybody else. So, the whole being prosecuted for “inciting a riot” thing is bullshit. NOBODY can talk me into doing anything I know is wrong and goes against my own personal constitution. They can try… and they have that right. But, it’s about what I do that counts. The things this woman had “goaded” others to do was not good nor do I condone such behavior… but, she exercised free-speech that is *suppose to be* protected by the 1st Amendment. THEY are the one’s who did the deeds.. and should be punished. *Cannot criminalize Constitutionally protected activity.* Lets remember—– government overreach does not.. will not stop there. If YOU think this woman should go to jail for exercising free-speech.. as protected by the 1st Amendment.. then, YOU are part of the problem. As the time may come to when YOUR Constitutionally protected rights, liberties and/or freedoms may get trampled under-foot by some vastly unconstitutional laws or some asshole who usurps the Constitution because he or she is an asshole. Won’t be so great then… aye?


Sounds like they should give her at least 50 years for STUPIDITY.


I wonder if she’ll be treated in the same manner as those “racist, seditionist, domestic terrorists” of 1/6DC are being treated.


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Original Anna

I don’t care if she encouraged her friends to steal and riot, her friends should be in jail as well as her. And BLM and Antifa people should be in jail because they have done 99% of the rioting, burning and killing and stealing. How come she is arrested and the worst of criminals are not. Special picking and choosing of the gov’t. She was pushing into the territory of BLM and Antifa and outsiders must not do that.

Walter H Euler Sr

Lyons is one of so many in her age-group that are ‘brainless’. Never learned a damn thing.



alfredo dizon

I’m a bit confused with the accompanying video for I thought it would be showing the breakage of windows. Instead, it was a video of a bunch of monkeys that probably escaped and were having some sort of clothed orgy. Well, what does anyone expect when you let the animals loose on the street…


Another democratic pig taught by the liberals in school. WOW, that says it all, dumb, ignorant, stupid and useless go to prison


put her in a cage where she belongs.


That’s W A Y beyond stupid. So glad that brainless fool got caught.

Gary Lee

The most she’ll get is probation and a little community service..

Nicolas P Cignetti

In a law and order society the jury of 12 will render the verdict and the judge will decide the punishment. Period full stop.


it’s long overdue!

Makinde Sodiq

is this how you Jail people in the US, don’t you think that they have a better life


She won’t go to prison. She will be pardoned by BiDumb and given a job in his administration. Probably will head his new department. The department of Incitement and Revolution.


If she gets charged, so should Pelosi and Waters- they told people to riot in the street and burn things down.

Danielle c dean

She deserves to be punished hope she gets the full 15

Jessica E. Bostic

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Anony Mous

Hopefully the judge will BE a judge.. and give her the full 15 served consecutively.
Might send message to further mischief by a bunch of dumb a-holes.


I’ve worked in a prison
damn if those gals don’t make some awesome dildos out of papier mache.


She’s nothing more than white trash, toss her behind bars where she belongs with everyone else involved in the riots and looting across the country. It’s just too bad we can’t do what the brits did over 200 years ago and send all their prisoners to an island and let them kill each other.



Mark Gravitte

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Stupid is as stupid does!

Gary Rhodes

Civil War is coming I believe. Be ready

Fred Brown

If sites can hold comments for moderation, how can these work from home scams get through?


Well its Obvious She is a Damagedcrat and its time They Arrested All the Haters Who Were Along side of her-But in a Lawless Country this Is How Certain Types Of Criminals take Advantage of the Situation!a Corrupt Justice System-Judges and Liars on the Cartels Payroll and Defunding The police and a Communist Government- Sounds like a Recipe For Disaster!!-So Is This a Shock to Anybody?-Next Question!


One great thing About the mentality of these Fools is that there are Lots of them and They Will all End up Bragging About its Criminal Activities!-Making it easier For the police who are Out of gas to Find these Idiots From the Office Precinct!


She will get off because of a Soros financed prosecutor.


Sad. A life wasted.


If she was black, they would all look the other way, or they would not ” be able to find her “


If she is working with BLM and Antifa, serves her right, but why are they not charging any of the BLM and Antifa leaders!

Daniel Quigley

Charge her and everyone else connected with Rioting,Looting and committing Arson with Domestic Terrorism so we never have to see or hear from them until their Obituary is written. These young punks think it’s fun to steal and destroy and unfortunately most get away with it. Time to charge anyone and everyone involved not just with the Felony Counts. It’s time to up the auntie and use the RICO Act and Domestic Terrorism charges against them. The RICO Act adds 25 years to their crime and the Domestic Terrorism charge makes it automatic Life. These Scumbags want to destroy everything then how about using Laws already in the books to make them pay for it. Stop the insane use of revolving door justice and start using the behind locked doors for life for their acts of Terrorism. Once the 1st say 25 of these worthless Scumbags find out their act cost them freedom for the rest of their lives these Tempertantrums will end just as fast as they started.


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She’s hot. Leave her alone.

Harry O

I am done with commenting on this story until other commenters acknowledge that Jan 6 happened and that those rioters should have the same punishments applied to them.


stupid is well everyone knows the rest,

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x