Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich joined “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the Civics Secures Democracy Act and what it could mean for education if passed.

Gingrich: “Look, that bill is crazy. No Republican should be for it. And as many Republicans as necessary should guarantee it will be filibustered in the Senate and never leave. That is the kind of bill which gives the Washington bureaucrats the ability to impose on local parents and local families, radical values. And I’m frankly astonished that any Republican would agree to cosponsor that bill and I think it is an open invitation to further creating a totalitarian left-wing mindset where they are going to tell us how we think, how we behave, what we are allowed to do.

It is totally wrong. I was shocked to discover it was introduced, and I certainly hope that the handful of Republicans who are currently cosponsors will withdraw their names and I hope folks back home will call them and demand that they withdraw to put names.”

The misleadingly named “Civics Secures Democracy Act” (CSDA) — just now reintroduced in Congress — will allow the Biden administration to push Critical Race Theory (CRT) on every public school in the country. Over a six-year period, this $6 billion pot of competitive grant money will create a de facto national curriculum — just like Common Core. States desperate to tap into the federal gravy train will have to tailor their civics and history grant proposals to the Biden administration’s liking.

So, why would anyone (especially the GOP) be pushing to help Biden get this monstrosity passed?

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Stanley Kurtz with the National review predicts that if CSDA passes this summer, as its sponsors hope, a Republican victory in the midterms will come too late to prevent the federal imposition of CRT. But what will happen when voters discover just months before the midterms that Republicans have betrayed them by using federal power to push CRT on the states? The Civics Secures Democracy Act is education madness and political suicide all wrapped up in one.

Kurtz wrote, “Sadly, while this is largely a leftist-backed plan, we have Republican senator John Cornyn to thank for giving CSDA “bipartisan” political cover. Last year, in an open letter to Cornyn and Representative Tom Cole, the Civics Alliance convened by the National Association of Scholars appealed to both legislators to abandon CSDA. When Cornyn responded with misleading and mistaken claims about the bill, I rebutted. Yet now, the leftist-dominated coalition backing CSDA has added Republican senators Bill Cassidy and James Inhofe as co-sponsors of the newly reintroduced bill.”

Erica Carlin

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Tim Shep

This is all planned by these elitists on the left for complete control of the people, this bill must be shot down. No pun intended.



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