GINA CARANO STORY: Feminist Movement Is Now Eliminating Women’s Voices and Roles In Public

The left is a powerful media and marketing machine for a collection of political movements that is foreign to most Americans and bears no resemblance to anything to do with the idea of classical liberalism; therefore, the left can no longer even pretend to call themselves “liberals.”

Consider the recent news of a successful movie actress, Gina Carano, being fired for her personal posts on Twitter, which offended the radical left, leaving business executives trembling in fear of not obeying some guidance on what people can think.

A man posted about his feelings that “MAGA Kids” should be put headfirst into a wood chipper, and there was no equal outrage. A woman posted about her concerns over women behind historically persecuted for their personal choices, and she was fired. That is modern-day feminism.

“Disney’s double standards are staggering. It still employs Pedro Pascal even though he compared Trump’s America to Nazi Germany, but it sacked Gina Carano for comparing her critics to Nazis. Behold the hypocrisy of the woke elites, says Brendan O’Neill,” Spiked online reported. 

Evie Magazine reported on the Cancel Culture woke mob:

“The “Star Wars” franchise is known for featuring strong female characters, and Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano, on “The Mandalorian” is the perfect example. Unfortunately for Carano, she doesn’t fit the super-woke Hollywoostarlet’s moldet, leading to fans calling for her firing on social media. As of yesterday, their campaign was successful.”

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In the past 5-6 decades, many women called themselves “feminists” and demanded that their push for institutional female dominance would somehow help women. And now their unjust movement has built an out of control political movement of mobsters focused on eradicating the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and civility, for the power to cancel women.

As a result of Democrat policies and agenda, women now have men in their bathrooms, men who “chest-fed” considered to equal medical treatment by hospitals, men in their sports humiliating with superior athletic ability.  Women also have lost workplace protection for speaking in public and must wear a shaming face-covering in public.

That is the progress of the progressive-communist movement.  And none of these matters can be tossed aside any longer as a “conspiracy theory”.

We are now to the point in “woke feminism’ where men are encouraged to publically stalk and harass women, which the feminist movement has brought to bear on American women. Perhaps they tell themselves that is “ok” because it seems to be only the case for women who don’t tow the company line of leftism.

Do they ever ask themselves when the woke mob will come for them?  Or perhaps having their own mind isn’t actually that important for the leftist female?

There is a movement to cancel Disney, with a boycott:

The Feminist movement has “jumped the shark” and exposed itself as a purely political movement to eradicate women from public view unless they carry and advance the messaging and motives of a robust foreign movement to take over our Republic- the Republic which honors women protects childhood, so little girls can grow up to be influential members of society and offers equal value to women.

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Richard Irvin

Add to that the shemale wannab’s destroying female sports and you will see that these clowns need to crawl back under their rocks


I am woman. Hear me roar. In numbers to big to ignore. How can I make my brothers understand. Yes I’m wise… yes I’ve paid the price. But, look how much I’ve gained. If I have to. I can do anything. I am strong, invincible, I am woman. Helen Reddy
A true feminist. For real women. About equal rights. Not destruction of moms who stay at home to care for children or working moms. About choices to survive and be paid equally for same work. Not to force all women into work field. Choice. Not to force them to be home either. Big whatever they are forced the rest. Home and Family is before all else except God. God 1st. Life works better. Making home better. All else comes after.


Never thought we’d have to compete to be woman. No competition. We are real women. Men can dress the part. They can even remove and add parts. They are still what they were born as. They can’t compete with that. Women who do the same. Trying to be a man. You can’t change what you were born as either. You can’t compete on being a real man. Your confusions should not make the rest of the world confused. I know something happened to make you this way. You may not recall what it was. Maybe you do. Loving, Caring for and about you. Doesn’t mean I have to give up reality, like you have. No one should harm you. Yet, no one should harm us either. Jesus is coming soon. Everyone. Get saved and get right with God.

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