‘Get Away from White People’: Author Calls For Full-Blown Segregation

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 1: Protestors rally during a protest against police brutality at City Hall Park, August 1, 2016 in New York City. The protest was organized by Millions March NYC, who are calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to fire NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and end 'broken windows policing.' (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Are liberal politicians and Democrats really advocating for racial justice or are they just using it as a way to segregate Americans? While some may argue that Robin DiAngelo’s advice to “get away from white people” is an effort to promote racial justice, it is really a form of segregation that only serves to divide Americans.

DiAngelo’s teachings, which were highlighted in her book White Fragility, have become increasingly popular in the wake of George Floyd’s death in May 2020.

In a webinar entitled “Racial Justice: The Next Frontier” hosted on March 1, DiAngelo suggested that people of color should separate themselves from white Americans. She went on to say that those who do not comply with antiracist views are not qualified for the modern workplace.

It is clear that DiAngelo’s goal is to create a culture where those who oppose antiracism are “spit out.” However, this type of segregation is counterintuitive to the goal of racial justice.

Segregation based on skin color only serves to further divide Americans and prevent us from becoming strong and unified.

The passages from DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility, are particularly concerning. One passage states that “people of color may also hold prejudices and discriminate against white people, but they lack the social and institutional power that transforms their prejudice and discrimination into racism.”

This suggests that only white people have the power to commit racism, which is simply not true.

Furthermore, her book encourages white people to “be less fragile” and implies that people of color should “twist themselves into knots” to try to appease white people.

This type of thinking is not only wrong, but it is dangerous and counterintuitive to the goal of racial justice.

It is clear that DiAngelo’s teachings are not in line with the goal of racial justice. Americans are stronger when we are united, not divided.

Segregation based on skin color only serves to further divide us and prevent us from achieving true unity.

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