Hamburg Airport Evacuated After Toxin Spread Through Air Conditioning, 68 Treated For Injury

Germany’s Hamburg Airport was evacuated early Sunday morning after reports of several people with respiratory irritation, coughing and burning eyes and serious breathing difficulties, leading to 68 people ultimately being treated at a nearby hospital.

Information is slowly being released to authorities as witnesses are claiming the toxin was similar to pepper spray.

Here are the details so far.

VIA| According to BREITBART LONDON… Reports of a possible toxin being released in the airport through the air conditioning system circulated on Sunday, with the local tabloid the Hamburger Morgenpost reporting the agent may have been a pepper-spray. The paper reports several people called the emergency services after a bad smell went through the airport, causing several people to experience coughing, irritation of the respiratory system, and burning eyes.

The whole airport was evacuated, with passengers stuck outdoors in freezing conditions without shelter while the emergency services assessed the situation in terminals one and two.

According To RT… A pepper spray or a similar substance is most likely behind the incident, a spokesman for the firefighters said, noting that a refill cartridge had been found which could have caused the health problems, DPA reported. The substance was then presumably spread through the building by the air-conditioning system.

The possibility of a terrorist attack has been ruled out, the spokesman added.

“I want to explicitly deny … that this was a terrorist attack. As far as we know, it was at no [point] considered a terrorist attack,” Hamburg Fire Brigade spokesman Torsten Wessely was cited by Reuters as saying.

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