Geraldo Rivera Makes Appearance On The View To Hammer Fox Colleagues

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Geraldo Rivera recently left Fox News after two decades, and he took the opportunity to make some comments about his former co-hosts on the highly overrated, Democrat-party propaganda program, “The View”.

It was during this time that he made an accusation that one of them had a “very toxic” relationship with him. He didn’t name any names, but it’s been speculated that it may be Greg Gutfeld, with whom Rivera had been in many shouting matches on air.

Rivera claims the network offered to move him to another show after it became obvious he could no longer do “The Five”, but he refused because he wouldn’t accept being demoted from the most popular cable news show on TV.

In response to Joy Behar asking if this person was Jesse Watters, Rivera laughed and said it was male. He then went on to say that whoever this person was, they weren’t judged objectively in their disputes and were always favored over him.

Then came the moment when Rivera commented about Tucker Carlson’s stance on January 6th Capitol Riots – something which he’ll “never forgive” Carlson for.

According to Carlson (in an interview with Russell Brand), Steven Sund – who was chief of Capitol Police at the time – confirmed what Carlson has been saying all along, there were federal agent provocateurs in the crowd that day.

This then led Carlson into praising Donald Trump’s stance on Ukraine and how Trump is apparently the only major political figure against the war in Washington right now trying to stop it – which obviously angered Rivera even more as stated by his tweet “I will NEVER forgive Tucker [Carlson] for what he did about January 6th…”

All this brings us back around full circle as Twitter users responded angrily to Rivera’s comments against both Ukraine and January 6th Capitol Riots, criticizing his views as well as personally attacking him with remarks such as “A mustache is dirtier than a dog’s a**” or telling him “I’d rather have Putin as my neighbor than you Geraldo”.

It appears clear here that Geraldo Rivera holds some grudges against those who once worked with him at Fox News – namely Tucker Carlson – and isn’t afraid of voicing out his opinion regardless of public backlash or criticism directed towards him online, revealing why Fox News ultimately decided not renewing his contract after two decades working together at their organization.




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