Georgia’s Scandal-Ridden Senator Is CBS’ Choice To Replace Biden

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Georgia’s scandal-ridden Senator got plenty of media praise as they gushed over his election prowess.

CBS spent eight minutes and 22 seconds praising Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) for his most recent electoral victory, urging him to run for president in 2024, and pushing him from the left on “voter suppression,” prosecuting former President Trump, and the border. Monday’s CBS Mornings did not cover part six of the Twitter Files, which were made public on Friday.

Of course, nothing was revealed regarding his allegedly aggressive actions against his ex-wife, claims of unpaid child support, improper behavior at a church camp he had assisted in running, and evictions from residences owned by the church he serves.

They failed to mention the condition of his rentals and how Warnock is a slumlord.

“Coming up, newly reelected Senator Raphael Warnock, the Georgia Democrat, is here to talk about the long — there he is — hello, Senator — to talk about the long campaign to beat Herschel Walker and what’s coming next for him. He’ll share after the break,” boasted co-host, Democratic donor, and Obama family friend Gayle King in a tease.

King returned for the second half-hour by gushing over Warnock’s “victory cement[ing] Democrats’ control of the U.S. Senate” and then gave her congratulations before asking whether he had heard from Republican Herschel Walker.

When Warnock said he hadn’t, King fretted that the races were close as if to suggest Georgians should have elected him in landslides: “We’ll talk about your goals in a second. But the races seemed to be closer than people expected considering your opponent, considering the times. What do you say about that, and Stacey Abrams did not win the gubernatorial seat?”

Since Warnock didn’t take the bait and admitted that they were “hard fought”, King then joined Warnock in going hard to the left in asking him if “voter suppression” is “still an issue, though, in Georgia.”

Oh, absolutely,” Warnock replied.

King barely gave credence to the other side: “Cause some people could say, look, he won that’s no longer an argument.”

Warnock was given room to run, insisting that people “should not assume that because I won that voter suppression is not an issue in Georgia” when the story should be he won in spite of it because Georgia Republicans “shortened the runoff” and tried to take away early voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


Socialist co-host Tony Dokoupil gently pushed back by wondering “what do you say to” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who called him an election denialist for insisting the vote was suppressed.

Of course, Warnock wiggled out: “[T]he fact that people have had to overcome barriers doesn’t mean those barriers don’t exist. We literally saw college students and seniors in lines that were hours and hours and hours long. Maybe he’s happy with that. I’m not.”

The group had nothing to say about Warnock’s scandals, but then again it’s CBS—Another left-wing activist group posing as journalists.




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