Georgia Secretary of State Busted, Conducted Secret Ballot Inspection and Never Told The Court Or The Plaintiffs

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Last year, when several Fulton County, Georgia poll observers testified that boxes of mail-in ballots for Joe Biden appeared to be run through a photocopy machine, state investigators secretly broke the seal on one suspicious box and inspected the hundreds of votes it contained for signs of fraud, according to RealClearInvestigations.

Simultaneously, a whistleblower told the outlet that state investigators tried to compel her to recant her testimony about what she and other poll monitors had witnessed that they referred to as “pristine” mail-in ballots while sorting through them during last November’s hand recount.

“I felt I was under investigation,” said Suzi Voyles, a Fulton County precinct manager for over twenty years whose sworn affidavits, upon penalty of perjury, have been used by election watchdogs to sue the county for access to the ballots in question.

Although the ballots are at the center of disputes about the Georgia 2020 presidential race, which Joe Biden supposedly won by just 11,779 votes, state officials never divulged its inquiry to the public or to the watchdog groups who were suing to be able to inspect the ballots.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office also failed to inform the judge presiding over the lawsuit that they were even doing the inspection, even though the judge had issued a protective order over the ballots in January. It smells like a CYA operation that may be blowing up in the secretary of state’s face.

In a nine-page amicus brief (friend of the court) recently filed in the case, Raffensperger’s lawyers asked Superior Court Judge Brian Amero to deny the petitioners’ requests to inspect the ballots, calling them a “fishing expedition.” So they secretly and illegally inspected the ballots and are calling others who wish to do the same a fishing expedition. Hmm.

Chief Investigator for the secretary of state’s office, Frances Watson confirmed in a statement to the outlet that she sent investigators to Fulton County earlier this year to inspect the batches of sealed ballots. Why didn’t she tell the judge?

Poll monitors involved in the hand recount done last November described the mail-in ballots in sworn affidavits as not having any folds found on the paper and they all had the exact same bubbled-in marks for Biden. But the state said it could not find any ballots matching the description. Could it be that they removed those ballots when they did their little secret inspection? I wouldn’t put it past Raffensperger who has proven to be a severe disappointment.

“Our investigators looked into it and didn’t find anything,” she said, while adding the investigation is “still ongoing.”

It goes without saying that the watchdog groups have a problem with the fact that state officials never told the court of their caper with the ballots and they now fear Raffensperger’s people tampered with them. Those ballots are at the center of the lawsuit requesting access to all 147,000 absentee ballots that were mailed in during the 2020 election.

Garland Favorito, a longtime poll watcher who founded, who is leading the petitioners in court said that the state failed to inform the judge presiding over their case and pointed out that they broke the chain of custody of the shrink-wrapped ballots that were secured in a county facility in Atlanta. That is not good.

The biggest problem with government tyranny is that the tyrants control the system.

“If the secretary of state’s office did that, they tampered with the ballots and violated Georgia state law,” which only allows the handling of ballots to authorized election officials involved in the counting and care of the ballots, Favorito said. After pointing out that the judge gave a protective order over the ballots back in January Favorito added, “They would have had to ask for a court order to unseal and inspect those ballots and they never did that.”

The SOS office acknowledged that the ballots were still under protective seal when they urged the judge to prevent the watchdogs from inspecting the ballots.

“The security and confidentiality of ballots is to be strictly maintained,” Raffensperger’s attorneys argued in the brief they filed with Judge Amero back in April, “and the court should be cautious in granting petitioners’ access to ballots that Georgia law requires to remain under seal, which makes it a felony as soon as petitioners were to lay hands on them.”

That’s like murdering your parents and then pleading to the court for mercy because you’re an orphan.

So the SOS office has already violated a court order and unsealed and investigated the ballots and now they want to stop the watchdog groups from doing the same. Raffensperger doesn’t know the definition of transparency.

Whistleblowers were fired for exposing the suspicious ballots and now we find out that there was a breach of the chain of custody of said ballots that Fulton County officials were ordered by a judge to guard 24/7, and Raffensperger is trying to get a court-ordered inspection of the ballots dismissed. On top of that, we now find out that the ballots in question, many of which came from drop boxes around Atlanta, have seen the chain of custody documentation gone missing.

The judge ordered Fulton County to unseal the 147,000 absentee ballots so that the petitioners could inspect them and the county filed a motion to dismiss the case. What are they afraid of? The judge will rule on that motion later in the month.

And now we have Suzi Voyles’ claim that she was pressured to retract her testimony about the pristine ballots. Why would they want her to reverse herself over something that was clearly voter fraud? Does the SOS office have a vested interest in covering up potential voter fraud? Isn’t it the SOS’s job to make sure elections go smoothly?

Mail-in ballots that were never folded are considered suspect by the very fact that you can’t get the ballot into the envelope without folding the paper. Duh. This was an easy thing for Voyles to spot after working as a precinct manager for over twenty years for the county. None of us have ever worked for the county and we would have spotted them too.

Voyles also witnessed that the marks on the ballots, which were for Biden, all looked the same. Yes, voters fill in the circles, but there is always a distinguishing mark made by the person filling in the circle, and the thousands of ballots that were not folded all had the same distinguishing mark(s) in the Biden circle. Occam’s Razor dictates the ballots were photocopied.

I personally witnessed the same thing on a live YouTube video feed on Election Day 2020 from Delaware County, Pennsylvania where vote counters were seen on the live feed taking unfolded ballots and filling in the rest of the circles for Democrats. How do we know? Because the cheaters were filling in the left side of the ballots which is where the Democrat candidates were placed on the ballots statewide.

Voyles told RealClearInvestigations that during a January 7 interview in a secretary of state office in Atlanta an investigator named Paul Braun “grilled me for over two hours” over her testimony. She said another official soon joined them claiming to be from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, but that neither investigators knew neither the box nor the batch numbers for the ballots in question and they didn’t even have a copy of her affidavit. It was more than likely a fishing expedition by the SOS office.

“I smelled a rat when they didn’t know the batch numbers when they were clearly denoted in my affidavit,” Voyles said.

Voyles said the so-called investigators “gave no indication” they ever visited the warehouse to search for the ballots or that they were running a forensic investigation and that they kept trying to make her accept that she made a mistake.

“I did not recant,” she said. “The ballots that I saw had been pre-printed. It’s a very serious thing in my opinion. That’s what I swore to under penalty of perjury. Recanting would be perjuring myself.” This is a determined woman who will not be intimidated.

Watson told the outlet that Voyles “stated that she may have been mistaken about the batch number and provided a different batch number.”

“I never said that,” Voyles contended.

“The second batch number provided by Ms. Voyles did not exist,” Watson added.

Voyles pointed out that she never gave any other batch numbers so she has no idea what Watson is talking about. This is what the crooked bureaucrats do. They find out what the complaint is, they go to “fix” the problem themselves (wink wink), then try to get the person who blew the whistle to fall on their sword and say that they must have made a mistake.

Watson said, “investigators went to Fulton County and reviewed the batches identified by Ms. Voyles, but found no ballots that looked as Ms. Voyles described.” Nonsense. The woman who ran the precinct for two decades isn’t going to make something like that up.

Favorito said VoterGA’s attorney is going to file a motion to depose Braun and Watson to figure out what investigators have done regarding the boxes of absentee ballots in question.

When it has to do with Fulton County, you can’t even trust the investigators because Democrats are so crooked they have corrupted everyone, including half the judges.

Favorito believes Voyles’ testimony because the ballot images his group studied support her recollection of the irregularities.

“At no time has Susi Voyles claimed she was mistaken,” Favorito said. “She has consistently stood by her affidavit since she submitted it almost seven months ago.”





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