Georgia Dems Scared To Death Over Arizona Audit

Gabriel Sterling the far left “Republican and Executive of the Georgia Secretary of State’s office is sw3eating bullets over the audit of the votes in Arizona because he fears it could lead to the very same thing happening in Fulton County.

That is what he and Brad Raffensperger have been trying to fight off ever since the 2020 election.

If an election is fair and aboveboard there is no reason to fear an audit but Sterling lives in mortal fear of one.

From The Gateway Pundit

Then a couple days ago we reported that Sterling went on a rampage saying there was no corruption in Georgia while belittling Americans and Trump voters for thinking there was in an attempt to shift the focus away from him and Georgia  (really who is this guy?)

Unfortunately for Sterling, we can’t even keep up with the amount of corruption in Georgia related to this year’s election.  Yesterday for example, a video was unearthed by the Trump team showing Democrat counters in Atlanta pulling out suitcases full of ballots and counting them after sending Republicans home due to a falsely reported water main break (um, this is against the law Mr. Sterling).

Sterling says:

This ‘audit’ in Arizona is another step in undermining confidence in elections. This process is neither transparent nor, likely, legal,” Sterling said on Twitter.

Any ‘findings’ will be highly suspect now that chain of custody has been violated by partisan actors,” he added.


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From The Gateway Pundit

If done correctly, no audit is “another step in undermining the confidence in elections”.  Sterling simply doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.  If the audit comes back clean, then it would validate the original reporting and would support the election processes to date.  If the audit comes back with thousands of fraudulent ballots, then this too would give voters confidence because they would be able to say the process worked.

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When he says the process is not transparent he is basically not telling the truth again.  This is the most transparent audit in history (This assessment comes from being in the audit field for decades and performing audits around the world.)

Finally, the only chain of custody issues occurred when the Senate loaded the ballots up on trucks in an unauthorized ride to God-knows-where.

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Georgia should be scared

Craig Swenson

Sounds like Georgia Election officials are hearing the audit footsteps or the drumbeat. Start dancing ya all.

Lou Shields

I pray to God for our country (and our leaders; even as evil as some of them are). I really want the truth from the audit here in AZ., and I truly believe we will get it. Thanks to Dr. Kelli Ward and the Republican Party for continuing the push. Thanks to you and all other reporters who are reporting the truth.

L. Shields

04272021 714pm.JPG

As they should be. I think deep down liberals know it was rigged. Why else would they censor anyone trying to investigate the election. Example: the amount of censorship they’ve done to Mike Lindell is horrifying.

if you want proof of election fraud go to or and search “Absolute Proof” its a total bombshell of election fraud evidence that’d leave any democrat running for the hills.

Daniel Quigley

We need to bring back Election Day and stop this nonsence of Election Month. Funny how until we got away from voting on 1 day and 1 day only these Liberals keep finding and inventing new and different ways of cheating. Funny how everything except voting needs an ID. Wanna get Married, get a Libuary Card,get a hunting or fishing licence,want to travel to a Forgien Country, get a Drivers Licence, buy cigeretts, buy Liquior or just about anything else you want to do in this country you have to show some kind of ID. Except to elect anyone to office then somehow ID becomes Racist. I want the 1 day elections back and only those living outside this country that can prove who they are gets a mail in ballot. Time to make sure the Liberals are reeled in from their cheating ways.

Diego L. Kaipat

Let the process be as transparent as it can be and there will be no questions asked.

Mark Gravitte

The guilty one squeals the loudest.

gary johnson

the dems are all lying, corrupt aholes. they have been cheating for years. the only way they got caught is President Trump was getting so many votes they had to cheat big and got caught. they say it was fair well lets find out. what are they scared of. obummer won by cheating,

art cross

anybody with common sense knows massive cheating by the democrats backed by their blood brothers in the chinese communist party eneimes of america took place and have us targeted with nuke weapons that could kill 10s of millions in this country


Must get rid of election fraud and corrupt politics.

General Bullright


General Bullright


Barry Wickham Sr

Democrats are a bunch of liars Biden stole the election we know it they know it in the world knows it everyone knew it tonight to stop the election and covered the windows


Sorry folks.
Georgia may have a Republican Governor, AG, SOS, and Republican majority in both legislative houses but all those Republicans are not interested one bit in protecting voting rights and providing legal citizens and taxpayers a fraud proof election process where every legal vote has an equal value.
I have written letters to all of my elected officials – state wide and local (I live in ultra corrupt Fulton County) – pointing out obvious fraud and I have heard absolutely NOTHING!

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