George Soros: A Billionaire’s Attempt to Buy Global Media Influence

George Soros’s reach knows no bounds and a recent discovery report proves just how deep his filthy money has gone in an attempt to control the world’s narratives.

This reality was recently exposed by Brent Bozell, the president of the conservative Media Research Center (MRC). In a three-part series examining Soros’ involvement in global media, MRC Business revealed that between 2016 and 2020 alone he funneled more than $131 million into 253 organizations tied to news and activist media around the globe. As Bozell noted during an appearance on Fox Business’s Varney & Co., this “is far more than any entity, any foundation, anyone else probably in the world investing in [media].”

Soros’ goal appears clear: To use his money to inject radical messaging into global media coverage on a wide range of topics including abortion, Marxist economics, anti-Americanism, defunding the police, environmental extremism, and LGBT fanaticism.

Examples abound. One outlet funded by Soros – openDemocracy – justified Palestinian terrorist rockets fired into Israel as “a necessary counter-discourse” to what it deemed Israeli “supremacist privilege and ideological system embodied in the government.”

Meanwhile Project Syndicate – another organization receiving millions from Soros – published propaganda penned by former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani who threatened further conflict with America if a nuclear agreement wasn’t reached.

The implications are huge for conservatives who value free speech and transparency in media coverage both at home and abroad.

By pouring immense sums of money into these organizations without public scrutiny or accountability for how it’s being used; Soros is attempting to manipulate public opinion through financial might rather than honest debate or discussion based on merit or facts. It’s an affront to our democratic principles which should be fiercely defended against such attempts at control or censorship regardless of where they originate from or who they benefit politically or ideologically.

Unfortunately when it comes to regulating political spending by individuals like Soros; current laws are inadequate at best. The Federal Election Commission only requires disclosure when an individual gives more than $200 directly towards a candidate running for office but doesn’t apply when large donations are made indirectly through third-party organizations like those supported by Soros which can easily hide its origin from public view.

This loophole must be closed if we want to ensure that powerful people don’t have undue influence over our democracy through their wealth.


In addition, other measures should be taken such as increasing penalties for violations related to illegal foreign contributions as well as requiring all political actors—from candidates running for office, groups engaging in advocacy campaigns, and private donors contributing funds —to publicly disclose all donations received above certain thresholds.

Such steps will help protect freedom of speech while ensuring that citizens have access to accurate information about where money is coming from so they can make informed decisions come election time.


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