General Flynn Humiliates Biden On World Stage

General Mike Flynn is the author of the 2019  Afghanistan Papers, which could be the second time in all of the 20 years of the United States being in that region, that anyone criticized the role of the Federal Government in the “War on Terror”.  The First time was when Flynn humiliated former President Barack Obama over his comments that ISIL (ISIS) was the “JV team”.

After a high-profile media lynching of Flynn and his family full of revenge for his beliefs, the three-star General may have paid a heavy price for deconstructing the military mess that we are still in up to this very day, which makes him an important person to follow right now.

Key Point: Flynn has total credibility on Afghanistan. Let’s hear what he has to say.

General Mike Flynn posted on Tuesday, on his Telegram channel, “Go to the 25-minute mark or listen to the entire “Just The News” podcast,” with a link to the following article on Just The News.

“General Flynn: Biden lied, knew Afghan army would collapse quickly,” Just The News, Reported on Tuesday.

Podcast Here [Listen at 25:00]

JTN described the footage as:

General Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor, joins the show to talk all things Afghanistan and beseeches Americans to get involved with their communities, saying, ‘local action has a national impact’.

James Bopp, constitutional lawyer and current-counsel for Indiana University students, gives Just the News an Exclusive, that he is picking more students from different universities to make university vaccine mandates a class-action lawsuit, in preparation to bring claims before the Supreme Court. His main argument against university vaccine mandates is that the government should have to prove that this level of ‘invasion of rights and bodily autonomy is justified’, citing that there is ‘nothing more intrusive than the government coming along and sticking needles in you and injecting chemicals into your body’.


Consider this flashback to December 2019 about Flynn’s statements about Afghanistan, at the time of the Afghanistan Papers.

Mike Flynn’s blunt interview with staffers kicked off the investigation into a bombshell Afghanistan report

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David Shepardson

Lt. Gen Flynn would make a great president.


Yes he would.


When I UP VOTED this comment – a line appeared that said I wasn’t allowed to comment on it…THE AMERICAN TALIBAN.

Desert Dweller

OR Vice President, or military advisor to Pres Trump with DeSantis as V.P. that would be a great lineup! imho


I always liked Flynn!


How do you humiliate someone with Alzheimer’s. They are clueless to what is going on around them in the world, or that there is even something called a world.


I have nothing but the highest regard for General Flynn!

Nicolas P Cignetti

Don’t forget the DOD and the Pentagon plenty of dysfunctionals holding those offices.



Desert Dweller

You are talking about marxist college educated, ass kissing brass…Obozo got rid of most of the good ones and kept those that would bow scrape and kiss his ass…!!! imo

Desert Dweller

I don’t believe this lowlife, demonic,braindead perverted/pedophile can be humilitated or even insulted!!! imho


It doesn’t seem to be rocket science to figure out that the Afghan army like the Iraqi army would cut and run. As long as the backbone supplied for the afghan forces was the USA and it fine military they fought with good results but left to their own leaders panic ensued.

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