Cultural Marxism: Gay ‘Three Way’ Now All Recognized as Legal Parents

American life is about to be transformed again, so hold on, because here it comes. A California Court has fallen to the emotional pressures of three men who all want to be legal parents, and they have won their court case, and managed to be super trendy too.

“Ian Jenkins, Alan Mayfield, and Jeremy Allen Hodges were all successfully listed on their daughter’s birth certificate in 2017 after a historical intervention by a California court,” According to

It all began with the same pattern that most activism from the homosexual groups begins, with emotional appeals about who gets to visit whom in the hospital.  Currently, no one gets to visit their children in the hospital, but the emotional plea remains effective.

“The dads appeared on The Morning Show on Australia’s Channel 7 on Wednesday (17 February) to discuss their unconventional family. They explain their process and want other people to know about how they did it. Sound familiar?

“If our child, God forbid, was to end up in the hospital, one of the parents might not be able to go visit them.”

He added: “It was really important to be recognised as the family that we are, and thankfully we live in California, which is a state that, after some teeth pulling and fighting, actually did allow us to do that, so that was amazing.”

The men are generally happy to fly under the radar and focus on raising their children, but Ian wanted to help educate others about their legal battle.

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They decided to speak out about their experience so other non-conventional families know that they, too can fight for better legal protections.”

And if you are concerned about legal implications for liberty or for the traditions of marriage, or the financial consequences of three people married and all legal parents, be prepared to be canceled.

America has transformed.

The gay “throuple” first got together when Ian met Alan, and they later met Jeremy. They decided to start a family together when a friend of Jeremy’s offered to give them embryos,” Pin reported on Saturday.


The left is experts at turning their sexuality into excuses to change traditions, laws, norms, standards, morality, ethics, and public opinion.  People who claim that they want to be left alone to have sex spend a lot of time demanding we focus on their sexuality and sexual preferences.

It is exhausting, but here we go again.

What is a “Throuple”?

“It’s not the same as an open relationship,” claims


It all begins with a TV program. Great.

Siclait writes:

“If you’ve been following the off-camera drama surrounding this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know there’s a huge thing between Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards.

The Bravo show hasn’t gotten to that part just yet, but you can bet it’s going to be juicy. In the latest episode, fans saw Brandi and Denise goofing off at Kyle Richards‘ party, with Brandi smacking Denise’s butt while she grabs a drink.

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Then, Brandi pushed things a bit: She told Denise and her husband, Aaron Phypers, that she wants to be in a throuple with them.”

“This isn’t the only time the word “throuple” has been mentioned in pop culture lately: It’s also a huge theme in season two of The Politician. In the show, incumbent state senator Dede Standish is in a throuple, so aspiring U.S. president Payton Hobart decides to get into one himself,” she reported.

There you go.  A throuple has been born, and that is how Fantasyland changes Laws.

Please visit Women’s Health for more on what a Throuple is because we are about to have this shoved in our National Debate while infrastructure is crumbling, borders are open. School children are sitting home watching TV and computers since they have been trained to live online.

What Is A Throuple

And almost guarantee your kids know what it is.





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It is disgusting!!! More and more the Christian teachings and morals are being erased. How can ask “Why this is happening?” when we continue to turn God away from everything we held sacred? Everything we built this beautiful wonderful United States of America upon….is turned upside down, inside out…what is bad is good? Good is now bad. Go away all of you!!! Let those who want this nation to be saved be left to rebuild.

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