Gangsta Capitalism: Lindell Victor, Already Won The Pillow Wars, Humiliated Hogg See His ‘Company’ In The Dirt

Progressive talk has already been exposed as nonsense about “Good Pillow”.  Remember when David Hogg, whose rise to political celebrity is very strange, when just weeks ago he decided to take on very successful Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow out of revenge for Lindell’s political stand?

“Watching Hogg try to launch his pillow company, called Good Pillow, was like being forced to watch a train wreck, as his public pleas for ideas and suggestions felt more like desperate cries for help than legitimate crowdsourcing.” Matt Margolis wrote for Daily Caller.

Note the bravado…

Update from Daily Caller in their article, from March 14:

David Hogg’s Pillow Company Seems to Have Already Failed

” As PJM’s Megan Fox reported last month, Hogg’s pillow company, despite being in the embryonic stage of development (they didn’t even have a logo yet), was getting free publicity from the Washington Post. 

In fact, Hogg’s partner made a public appeal for a “top tier” graphic designer to design the company’s logo for a mere $200 and in less than two hours for WaPo’s forthcoming feature story, which was published February 9.”

I covered the “Gansta Capitalism”  on Feb 10, linked below, as well.   What I noticed was that there was no product- and the teeny boppers appeared to think that rolling out a new company was like playing a video game.


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And it appears that since then, media have discovered that Hogg and his buddies did not even attempt to develop a product for their company. This should be humiliating for everyone involved, and as I pointed out earlier, Gen Z seems to believe they can just speak products into existence.

Or perhaps the whole thing was only a PR attack, and they never were planning on doing the hard work that Lindell had already done and dedicated his life to doing.

“A search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database does not reveal any new company being registered under the name Good Pillow or a variant.”


Meryl Kornfield of the Washington Post went into a state of high gush on February 10 as she excitedly announced that “Parkland survivor David Hogg launches his own company in a ‘pillow fight’ against Mike Lindell.” There is a GoodPillow handle on Twitter but it has been as silent as Hogg himself since the day you gushed over both.

he is attempting to create a pillow company to compete against MyPillow, which is led by staunch Trump supporter Mike Lindell. The idea for the company, first tweeted as a joke by Hogg’s partner, software developer William LeGate, is becoming increasingly firm: The pair announced the name of their company, Good Pillow, on Tuesday night. Yet many aspects of the company are not fully formed and critics have thrown a wet blanket on the plan.


The entire episode should be spanking to Hogg because he defamed and slandered Lindell, and he defrauded the public and social media.  Unless everyone just understood their role in the game of a  progressive leftist cyber fantasy company- that was never meant to me real.

See also  Video: “You Son of a Bitch!” Bongino Lays Out Geraldo On Hannity, Geraldo Flips His S***!


Hogg and his buddies bragged all over social media, even aided by Twitter with an expensive PR push, including trending topics and sidebar promotion as breaking news and trending news.

So in the end, the “good pillow” is nowhere near going to be real.  Hogg still doesn’t have any trademark, but someone a man in North Carolina, picked up the trademark and now Hogg may be the new focus of gansta capitalism tactics.

Whatever happened, Hogg could learn a lot of things from Lindell.

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Yeah, it might be a good idea if you had a name; it makes the trademarking process go a lot smoother. Hogg is an F’ing idiot.

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