From Gas Stoves To Air Conditioners, Biden Pushes Classist Bans

Team Biden is at it again, this time with a war on air conditioning units. Apparently, they’re not content with trying to get rid of gas stoves now they’ve set their sights on a much bigger target.

It’s a move that is sure to make life harder for those who can least afford it, such as elderly people, minorities, and the economically disadvantaged.

These are the people who are often most affected by extreme temperatures, and who rely on air conditioning units to keep cool during the hot summer months.

This ban is specifically aimed at window units.

Under the new energy-efficiency regulations proposed by the Energy Department, these units will become more expensive and potentially less reliable, leaving those who need them most in a difficult spot.

It’s a move that is all too typical of the Biden administration’s “green agenda”, which puts the burden of environmental responsibility squarely on the backs of everyday Americans who simply can’t afford to make the switch to electric cooking and air conditioning.

What’s worse, this agenda seems to be driven by deep-seated elitism and disregard for the needs of ordinary citizens.

Take the example of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who initially proposed draconian regulations on gas stoves before being forced to admit she has one at home or the recent proposal to ban air conditioning in Washington, DC.

These moves all seem to be motivated by the same thing: the idea that ordinary people should be made to suffer for the sake of “climate change”, while the elite are allowed to carry on with their lavish lifestyles.


It’s a move that’s unfair, unjust, and downright cruel. And it’s a move that needs to be resisted.

We need to push back against Team Biden’s war on appliances and make sure that the people who need these essential services the most are not left out in the cold

It’s time to stand up and make our voices heard by voting these clowns out. 2024 is just around the corner and we are overdue for some change—A return to normalcy.

We need to make sure that the Biden administration knows that we won’t stand for their elitist and unjust policies, and that we won’t allow them to put the lives of our elderly, minority, and economically disadvantaged citizens at risk.