Fox News Looking For Answers About How To Stop Ratings Slide

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It appears that Fox News is in turmoil, with reports of chaos and discontent behind the scenes. According to journalist Chadwick Moore, author of Tucker Carlson’s biography, the cable news network has cut the remaining employees from Carlson’s show.

Moore tweeted a screenshot of an email sent to team members still at Fox News, which detailed that HR would be waiting outside the control room after tonight’s show to escort the remaining producers out of the building.

“Tucker Carlson’s remaining team at Fox News (nine employees) will be frog marched out of the building tonight at 9:00pm. HR will be waiting outside the control room when they finish tonight’s show to escort the remaining producers outside,” Moore said Friday.

“One former Carlson producer called it ‘Degrading!’ Here’s the email that was sent to them,” he added.

“According to a current senior producer at Fox News there are company-wide layoffs happening right now that no one is reporting on,” Moore said.

The producer went on to note that morale was miserable across teams on both news and opinion platforms. Producers were reportedly feeling “insulted” about receiving a 0 or 1% increase in pay while Abby Grossberg received $12 million for her role in forcing Tucker out of his post.

It seems clear that Fox News is undergoing dramatic changes within its organization – changes that have not been openly discussed by anyone affiliated with the network.

The Blaze reports:

The development came on the same day as a highly anticipated presidential forum moderated by Tucker Carlson during which he interviewed many of the Republican candidates. Snippets of exchanges from the summit made headlines throughout the day.

Carlson left Fox News after the cable news network settled a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million in April. He has since accused the network of breach of contract and fraud and gone on to publish a new version of his popular show directly to Twitter.

While some may see this as another step towards progressivism among mainstream media outlets, conservative viewers may find this situation concerning and indicative of greater political agendas being pushed onto their beloved channel.




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