Former CNN Host Chris Cuomo Discusses Detransitioning on New Talk Show

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When it comes to the narrative of transgenderism, it’s rare to find anyone discussing the topic of “detransitoning” amongst those for-or-against the belief that gender identity is a social construct.

The pressure on parents to go down the road of physically altering the biology of their children for their mental health, or to resolve the gender dysphoria their child is experiencing (“gender dysphoria” is not often used to describe the experience anymore) is incredible.

The term often used is, “gender-affirming care,” which involves trust on behalf of the person that they know who they are and what they want. But, this can be called into question when we see how many cases there are of those who try to reverse their decision to transition later in life, especially among teens and young adults.

It’s surprising to find someone like Chris Cuomo, on his new show “Cuomo” on Newsnation, nationally challenging a part of the narrative we are forced to believe: that transitioning children is the best way to handle mental health issues relating to sexual identity.

“There is a fear, for some at least, that anything but unqualified acceptance of transgenderism will be considered ‘hateful’ by the trans community and its allies,” Cuomo said on his broadcast.

Although Cuomo doesn’t hold to the narrative of what we call “traditional” or what I call a “Biblical” view of men and women, this broadcast is a sign that there are those in the media who want to challenge the radicalism that is seen in much of the media today.

One of the statistics reported in the broadcast detailed how reported cases of gender dysphoria in minors had doubled in the last five years. It highlights for us how impressionable young people can be, and how with time, people can figure out who they are. “Luca,” a 20-year-old woman who detransitioned this last year, explained how with time and maturity, the depression and anxiety she was going through began to resolve, and how transitioning wasn’t the answer.

With all the polarization in the media today, this broadcast can give us hope in challenging the status quo. A Christian worldview highlights for us the importance of knowing God which grounds us in knowing who we are. As the theologian John Calvin wrote, all knowledge has two principal heads: the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of self.




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