Former Anheuser Busch Exec Admits Going Woke Was ‘The Wrong Bet To Make’

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In the wake of the Anheuser-Busch/Dylan Mulvaney partnership, it appears that the company is making a bet that their customers will just forget about it and come back to Bud Light. It’s a bet that Anson Frericks, a former executive of the company, says is the wrong one to make.

Frericks appeared on Fox & Friends to explain why this was the wrong move. He pointed out that Bud Light drinkers don’t need or want their beer to be politicized. They want things that bring us together and unify us, not divide us.

Unfortunately, it seems that many companies have decided to take a different path. Rather than simply appealing to potential customers or even their own shareholders, they have chosen to be loyal to political activist groups and use their advertising to promote their companies’ implementation of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policies.

This is a problem because it means companies are accountable to no one. They’re trying to be everything to everyone, and it’s simply not possible. The result is a divided America, with people forced to choose between political ideologies and brands.

Jokes on them, though… You have to know your market.

According to the latest sales figures, beer drinkers (like many Americans) are a pretty conservative bunch and they’re running away from Bud faster than Joe Biden from reporters.

Data from the beer industry’s info guru, Beer Marketer’s Insights, shows that the decline in sales for Bud Light — the beer Mulvaney was sipping semi-nude in the bathtub — is accelerating, down 17% nationwide through the week ending April 15.

Bud Light continues to lose market share to competitors now three weeks in from the airing of the Mulvaney ad.

This is why it’s so important for companies to step back and reconsider their approach. We need companies to focus on unifying people, not dividing them. We need companies to focus on appealing to their customers, not political activists. We need companies to be accountable to their customers, not special interest groups.

Anheuser-Busch has taken a step in the right direction by shaking up their staff. They’ve sent Bud Light marketing VP Alissa Heinerscheid on a leave of absence, with a spokesperson explaining that the move was designed to ensure that “senior marketers are more closely connected to every aspect of our brand’s activities.”

This is a good start, but it’s only the beginning. We need more companies to follow suit and reject the woke left’s agenda. We need more companies to focus on unifying people, not dividing them. We need more companies to be accountable to their customers, not special interest groups. The only way to achieve this is for companies to take a stand and refuse to be part of the divisive agenda of the woke left.




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