Biden Humiliates America On The World Stage, Foreign Media Mocks Him

Although the leftwing US media does their best to cover for the doddering old Joe Biden, the foreign press chooses honesty over ideology, and what they say about Joe Biden is anything but flattering.

The reporters at Sky News Australia, when speaking of Biden, use words such as  “the leader of the free world” is “struggling,” “barely cogent,” and a “human corpse” who has sunken deep into “cognitive decline.”

The foreign press says what the lamestream press refuses to say. That Joe Biden’s declining cognitive abilities threatens all free nations.

After all, a world without the United States leading the way is less of a threat to countries such as Russia, Iran, and China. All three have benefited from the weakness of the Biden administration. In fact, the only country that has not benefited from Biden is the United States.

We seem to be far down on the priority list for Biden and the Democrats.

From The Daily Wire

In March, Sky News Australia host Cory Bernardi compared the Biden-Harris administration to a “reality show where the Democrats put up a barely cogent candidate for president just so that they could enjoy the spoils of office for four years. And, of course, it features an all-star cast of the politically semi-lucid.”

Biden’s speeches are “often total gibberish,” he said, but due to his evasive campaign strategy of remaining in his basement and effusive media coverage, far-left ideologues have “seized control, without having any idea what they’re doing.” Bernardi also wondered what “canny investing Biden did to afford a lifestyle where his family can afford to abandon laptops in repair shops and enjoy regular jaunts to China and Ukraine.”

Last September, Paul Murray referred to Biden as “the corpse that hopes to be the next president of the United States” . He then went on to say that Kamala harris would become president under the 25th Amendment.

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Alan Jones of Sky News Australia said:


Idiots Twerk On Ambulance After Shooting In Oakland, CA

“This is elder abuse. It’s an insult to the free world, and the Democrats in America are a disgrace to turn this bloke up as the leader of the Western democracies.”

From The Daily Wire

“The Joe Biden gaffes, the stumbles the confusion, they just continue, and they get worse. His staff probably can’t wait to get him home to bed in the White House,” said Sky News Australia host Chris Kenny. “Biden’s going to be representing the interest of the free world when he confronts the belligerent Russian president in their Geneva summit tomorrow, and it’s hardly shaping up to be a Rocky Balboa versus Ivan Drago moment, is it?”

Kenny contrasted Biden with Donald Trump. Unlike his predecessor, who could not follow a script, “Biden can only work by reading a script. Once he wanders off on his own, no one knows where he’s gonna end up. It’s a worry — for the U.S., for you and me, but not for Putin.”

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