Footage Of Obama’s Harsh Stance On Illegal Immigration Just Silenced The Radical Democrats

Liberal loonies are still screaming and hollering with no sign of it diminishing. In fact, ever since Trump decimated Hillary on election day, they haven’t shut the hell up.

Looks like we finally found something that makes the few libs that listen to FACTS, bite their tongues.

Check this out:

VIA| The Democrats have been in a big uproar ever since President Trump completely decimated Hillary Clinton in the election but the protests and attacks from the media have risen exponentially after President Trump’s executive order to ban immigrants from 7 countries.

These countries were identified by Obama and his administration as having the most likelihood of housing terrorists, but the Democrats seem to want to ignore that. They see this as Islamaphobic ban, but it simply is not.

This is just what our government looking out for our safety looks like. It’s the Democrats fault we haven’t known what that looked like for the past 8 years.

Now the completely put out the uproar by the Democrats and media, old footage of Obama when we was still a senator in 2005 has resurfaced!

Watch Obama’s statement from 2005 here:

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