‘F**KING LEAVE ME ALONE!’: Phycologist Snaps At Tyrannical Pandemic Orders

Getting vaccinated didn’t really change anything, did it? It’s a complaint I hear a lot from vaccinated people. Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson explain his own outrage to Dave Rubin after caving and getting vaccinated. “Look, I got vaccinated, and people took me to task for that, and I thought, all right, I’ll get the damn vaccine. Here’s the deal, guys. I’ll get the vaccine; you f***ing leave me alone!”

Earlier in the show, Peter discussed the tyranny behind the pandemic and mandates. He later circled back to discuss how the vaccine didn’t make anything any easier for him.

“Canadians who aren’t vaccinated now cannot leave the country. Like, what the hell? Why is that? And I’m — look, I got vaccinated, and people took me to task for that, and I thought, all right, I’ll get the damn vaccine. Here’s the deal, guys. I’ll get the vaccine; you f***ing leave me alone,” Peterson stated.

“And did that work? No. So, stupid me, you know?” he commented. “That’s how I feel about it. It’s like, well, now I have to get tested for COVID when I come back into Canada. I have to get tested before I leave Canada. Now, that might be — the latter issue, that’s an issue with the Americans, so that’s outside of the Canadian purview, but the restrictions to get back into Canada are even more stringent. It’s like, why did I get the vaccine then if you’re not going to leave me alone?”


I’ve heard this exact complaint from so many. Most people believed the vaccine would bring us back to some level of normal, at least for the vaccinated, but it hasn’t seemed to have changed anything.

Originally, the CDC claimed that getting the vaccine meant the vaccinated could be outside without a mask, but now everyone is back wearings masks.

I’m not sure if anyone in the western world has been hit quite as hard as Canadians when it comes to tyrannical orders. Reports from this time last year showed that officials were pushing Canadians to report their neighbors if they have company over inside their own homes—Which, surprisingly enough, they did.

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We have forgotten God in this pandemic. He is the one who allows you and me to get sick, and He is the one who allows us to get well. Some are going to die, and some are going to live. What I do not understand is why the elite have for some time said there are too many people on earth and so many need to die. Well, here is the opportunity for the elites to get their wish. Don’t give the vaccine and let them die. So far their scheme has not worked well for them. It appears now it is the vaccinated that are getting sick and dying, Colin Power. I think I have had every flu that comes around,, I get sick, and I live. Some of my family got sick and died. God is in charge of who lives and dies, why not leave it up to Him.

Tommy Tunez


The reason why some, if not many have forgotten God in this pandemic is that God has given them over to a reprobate mind. And as hard as it is for me to say this, it must be said – It is too late for them because they turned their back on God.

Regarding the elite and why they have complaints regarding overpopulation – that’s an easy one to answer too. You see, the elites are further along in their journey to embrace satan than you would want to believe. The elites are the generals in the satanic army. And satan’s number one goal is to destroy God’s word and undo every word of it. In Genesis 1:28 God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply. And for that very reason the marching orders of the army of satan (the elites) is their evil push for population control. If you don’t believe me just read UN Agenda 21. It is their stated goal to reduce the global population to 500 million. This is their words – not mine.

Regarding your comment about the vaccinated getting sick and dying – this is very true. And in my honest opinion, this is happening by design because the elite own and control the pharma companies that produce the vaccine. The vaccines use mRNA technology to deliver a nearly dead version of the virus to the injected. Which is supposed to train your body to build defenses against the virus. You may find it interesting that the scientist who discovered mRNA technology completely rejects the idea of using it in a vaccine like this. In my honest opinion (which is based on extensive research) you have more protection against Covid by getting a shot of Saline Solution than you do from any of the vaccines.


The elites don’t know God, oblivious

Nancy Webster

Dr Peterson is by no means alone in his frustration. Tyranny has spread its ugly tentacles worldwide, and pit neighbor against neighbor, and family against family. We are living in a tinderbox of anger!

Orange peel

It’s not about the virus or the vaccines it’s about control! That is all it is, CONTROL! Destroy free thinkers, kill people off, let in illegals who don’t have to get the vaccines. Give the vaccine to little children so they can’t have children later in life. But you sheep cave and got the poison. The drug companies and the government are just waiting for the year to pass when you got the vaccine. Then watch the people start dropping dead or crippled. That’s the plan you fools. The nazi regime is every where now. You can thank any president, leaders, or whoever is running a country. Drug companies are paying leaders to keep lock downs going. There is alot of Gestapo police in countries killing and hurting people who won’t bend down to slavery. The stupidity of human beings. Even though your life is in danger from these subhuman creatures you still stand in line like cattle to the slaughter house.All the while they leaders eat meat have heat and gas and laugh in your face because they know your too big of cowards to tell them no. Stupidity has no bounds.


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