Firebombed Pro-Life Facility Launches Own Investigation Into The Attack

CompassCare, a network of pro-life pregnancy centers, is teaming up with the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit law firm that champions religious liberty, to hire private investigators in order to locate the individuals responsible for attacking one of its medical offices.

The organization expressed dissatisfaction with the FBI’s investigation, which has yet to lead to any arrests, and is taking matters into its own hands in order to find the perpetrators on its own terms and timeline.

“After talking with our investigators so far, they’ve already provided very valuable insight that we didn’t know. And they do have a track record of identifying terrorists both internationally and domestically,” Compass Care CEO Jim Harden told National Review.

In June, Compass Care’s Buffalo location was firebombed and vandalized by pro-abortion extremists claiming to be affiliated with the group Jane’s Revenge in response to the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

This caused over $100,000 worth of damage to the organization and it took 52 days to rebuild and re-open the center. Pregnancy resource centers offer an alternative to abortion, such as free medical and financial help for pregnant and new mothers.

“Security alone at all three of our sites has cost $150,000 this year. In the next budget it will probably cost us an additional $80,000 every year,” Harden told National Review at the time. Harden even had to temporarily relocate his family due to doxxing threats from pro-abortion activists.

After the attack on Compass Care in Buffalo, N.Y., Jane’s Revenge claimed responsibility in an online statement and threatened to unleash violence against pro-life clinics. In response, 124 Republican Members of Congress urged U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate the attacks on pregnancy-resource centers across the country as acts of domestic violent extremism.

However, it has been four months and the FBI has yet to conduct a thorough investigation. For example, the agency did not carry out a forensic analysis of the center’s video surveillance footage until July 13th, five weeks after the attack.

The FBI advertised a $25,000 reward for information that could lead to the arrests of arsonists, but Compass Care called that “a ruse designed to feign interest in an investigation.” Harden said Compass Care would likely take the FBI reward to offset the expense of hiring the private investigators if they apprehend suspects.

“If the FBI is interested in quelling the nationwide hate crimes against Christian pro-life organizations, they would offer a reward for information leading to the arrests of all 78 attacks, not just for the pro-abortion terrorists who firebombed our facility,” Harden said. “It is a sad day when private citizens are left to do the work of law enforcement.”


The clock is ticking for Pro-life facilities to get justice and while it’s sad to see American organizations unable to depend on a US agency, like the FBI, I’m glad that they’re getting the ball rolling towards the pursuit of justice.


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