Filings Show Maxine Waters and Her Daughter Made Millions in Campaign Cash

It’s no secret that politicians love to use their campaigns to line their own pockets, but Maxine Waters has taken it to a whole new level. The California Democratic representative has been funneling campaign cash to her daughter to run a lucrative slate mailer operation for years, and it’s been extremely profitable for the both of them.

Over the course of the 2022 election cycle, Karen Waters pocketed $192,300 from her mother’s campaign for her mailer operation, according to filings.

This setup involves outside campaigns paying Maxine’s campaign to appear on the slate mailers, which are essentially endorsement mailers sent out to constituents in the Los Angeles area. And while this practice is highly unusual on the federal level, it’s commonplace in California, where a number of politicians have paid large sums to appear in the Waters mailers, including Vice President Kamala Harris and Governor Gavin Newsom.

But the Waters’ riches don’t end there. Since 2004, Karen Waters has received more than $1.2 million in payments from her mother’s campaign. It’s truly stunning how much money the Waters family has been able to amass from such a shady practice.

These kind of schemes are what make people lose faith in the democratic processs.

It’s clear that Maxine Waters is only interested in lining her own pockets and those of her family, and not in actually representing her constituents. It’s a real shame that a member of Congress can get away with this kind of behavior while the rest of us are held to a much higher standard.

We all deserve better representation than this. We deserve politicians who will actually fight for us, not ones who are just looking to make a quick buck. Maxine Waters should be ashamed of herself for using her position of power in this way, and we should all be very wary of politicians who use their office to enrich themselves. Especially ones like Waters who use fear and rage to help her line her own pockets.

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