Feds Deny Catholic Mass at National Cemetery on Memorial Day

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As the nation prepares to honor its fallen heroes on Memorial Day, a shocking decision by the National Park Service (NPS) has sparked outrage and disbelief among Americans.

The NPS has banned a long-standing tradition of holding a Catholic Mass at the national cemetery, claiming it violates their new policy against “religious services” and labeling the ceremony as a “demonstration.”

The annual Memorial Day event, organized by the Archdiocese for Military Services USA (AMS), has been held at the national cemetery for over two decades without any issues.

However, for the last two years, the NPS denied permission for the event citing their new policy that prohibits any form of religious service or demonstration on federal land.

According to AMS, this year’s request was submitted early in January and included all necessary paperwork and permits.

The organization received confirmation from NPS that their application was received and under review. But, just days before Memorial Day, they were informed that their request had been denied.

In an email response to AMS’s request for clarification, NPS stated that they have recently implemented a new policy prohibiting “religious services” on federal land.

They also stated that since AMS’s event includes elements of worship such as prayers and hymns, it would be considered a “demonstration” rather than a traditional memorial service.

This decision by NPS has sparked widespread condemnation from conservative groups and religious organizations who see it as an attack on religious freedom and a blatant disregard for the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform.

The AMS released a statement saying, “It is a sad day when the government deems it appropriate to ban a religious ceremony from taking place at a national cemetery on Memorial Day, of all days.”

The outrage has only intensified with the knowledge that other non-religious events such as concerts and festivals have been allowed to take place at the same national cemetery without any issues.

Many are questioning why a simple Mass to honor fallen heroes is being treated differently.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) also expressed his disappointment with the decision, stating, “This is an outrageous violation of our First Amendment rights. We should be honoring our fallen heroes on Memorial Day, not banning their religious services.”

The NPS has defended their decision, claiming that they are simply following federal laws and regulations regarding the separation of church and state. However, critics argue that this is a clear example of government overreach and infringement on religious freedom.

The ban on Catholic Mass at the national cemetery has also sparked concerns about the future of other religious events held on federal land.

Will Christmas celebrations or Easter services also be banned under this new policy? This decision sets a dangerous precedent for future events and raises questions about the true intentions behind it.

As we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country this Memorial Day, let us not forget the importance of religious freedom and standing up against government overreach.

The NPS must reconsider their decision and allow this long-standing tradition to continue in honor of our fallen heroes.

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