Federal Judge Pumps The Breaks On ‘Staggeringly Overbroad’ Vaccine Mandates

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Biden was humiliated Friday when the 5th Circut Court of Appeals blocked his tyrannical vaccination mandate orders. In their ruling judges noted that the orders are “staggeringly overbroad.”

The three-judge panel in New Orleans ruled that Biden’s mandate “grossly exceeds OSHA’s statutory authority,” writing that “rather than a delicately handled scalpel, the Mandate is a one-size fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers) that have more than a little bearing on workers’ varying degrees of susceptibility to the supposedly ‘grave danger’ the Mandate purports to address.”

The Statment concluded that even if it does pass, it’s blatantly ignorant to individual circumstances:

On the dubious assumption that the Mandate does pass constitutional muster—which we need not decide today9—it is nonetheless fatally flawed on its own terms. Indeed, the Mandate’s strained prescriptions combine to make it the rare government pronouncement that is both overinclusive (applying to employers and employees in virtually all industries and workplaces in America, with little attempt to account for the obvious differences between the risks facing, say, a security guard on a lonely night shift, and a meatpacker working shoulder to shoulder in a cramped warehouse) and underinclusive (purporting to save employees with 99 or more coworkers from a “grave danger” in the workplace, while making no attempt to shield employees with 98 or fewer coworkers from the very same.”

The mandates are a massive overreach and cause a direct conflict between employee and employer. In addition to causing conflict and not looking at an individuals’ type of employment and risk factor, the mandate makes zero exceptions for people who have previously caught covid and beat it. Many of those people feel comfortable moving forward using their natural immunity but, if the mandates continue forward, may not have that options unless they’re prepared to leave their place of work.




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