FBI Deploys Creepy “Sentiment Analysis” Tools To Screen National Guard For Pro-Trump Sympathies

A recent Revolver News investigative piece coined the term “Counter-American Intelligence” to describe the systematic counter-intelligence operation that is meant to weed out conservatives from the National Guard and eventually the US military.

They have already fired a number of the National Guard. Two were fired for what is called inappropriate posts on social media.  Ten more were lot go for other reasons.

The FBI uses the powerful “Babel Street” social media panopticon software. The software inspects 25 social media sites and can translate 200 languages. But, what happens if you purge all of the conservatives from the service? Name one famous Democratic general.

For the record, Robert E Lee was a conservative but most of the Southern generals were Democrats and they lost the war.

Along with bragging about the high-profile clients they have like the FBI, the military’s Special Operations Command, and the Australian Attorney General’s Office, they include a list of the exact capabilities, explaining the depth and efficacy of Babel Street’s software.

Babel X has access to over 25 social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and to Twitter’s firehose… Babel X can also surveil millions of URL’s including the deep web.

The software can instantly translate over 200 languages, and can set up geo-fences around areas of special interest, and has highly customizable filtering options including for hashtags, emojis, handles, names, and keywords. Users can also filter for numerical sequences like credit card or social security numbers.

Babel Street’s filtering options are extremely precise, and allow for the user to screen for dates, times, data type, language, and—interestingly enough—sentiment. Their website includes a short paragraph on this sentiment aspect which claims that they “possess the most sophisticated sentiment analysis tool on the market.

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Derived from collaboration with top university linguistic programs, Babel Street boasts the ability to evaluate sentiment in 19 languages—far exceeding the capacity of any other competitor. [VICE]

Source: Vice News

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Mark H Baker

It’s time the military takes over this complete JOKE of an administration!!


I would think that after 2 years of this JOKE administration the Republicans will do very well in the 2022 elections. I think everybody needs to be thinking about that and how they can help make that happen. We also need to make sure the Democrats are not able to cheat in the 2022 elections. They don’t have a chance in an honest and fair election.


…2020 election?? As if the Democrats will ever allow a fair one.

Your naive statement is reflected in your avatars smile.


What a disgrace. I really hate the demoncrates and there evil ways. TRUMP IS THE REAL PRESIDENT



 weed out PATRIOTS from the National Guard and eventually the US military.

There, fixed dat 4U!


This nature of this interest in government agenda, places the term, “rape of privacy rights”, at a caustic level. A Convention of States topic, or in each state constitution, needs to be sharply defining in heightened prohibition, the intrusion into the personal right of privacy in search of a person, houses, papers, and effects, and where, upon unusual cause, warrants may be issued but absolutely required for the nature of such a judicially authorized search.


The fbi now stands for … For Biden Instead . They showed how corrupt they are as our country’s law inforcers . It’s pretty bad when they throw their integrity out the window just to cover for the corruption of the fake government in control . So much for honor and integrity from our protect and serve officer’s of the higher branch of law officials . They sold their soul’s for the corruption of money

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