FBI Busts Down Door, Fatally Shoots Disabled Veteran in Pre-Dawn Raid

The family of a man killed by FBI agents in an early morning raid last week is asking for answers, with no response from the authorities.

Armored vehicles were spotted at the scene at 6 am, and the mother of the victim is demanding to know why her son was fatally shot.

According to reports from local news outlet WBBJ, FBI agents arrived at a residence in Henderson,

Tennessee to serve an arrest warrant to Theodore Deschler. Unfortunately, the situation took a tragic turn when the man was killed during the encounter.

A neighbor of the deceased told WBBJ that he woke up early in the morning after hearing an unusual sound coming from outside his home.

“I was woken up at about six o’clock this morning. I heard a loud bang. Then I heard a couple more. I heard the loudspeakers, ‘Come out with your hands up. We’re the FBI. We’re not going anywhere.’ Before I knew it, I was coming out to see what was going on and watched them bust out their windows,” a neighbor told WBBJ.

A Theodore’s family has alleged that he was unarmed when the agents reportedly forced their way into the residence and deployed flashbangs inside.

“It was a senseless act. You know Teddy was a 100% disabled veteran. He had problems. He had severe PTSD. He had depression but he was getting help for it but this was senseless. He didn’t have a weapon on him. He was just trying to get out of the house because it was filled with tear gas,” Theodore’s mother told WBBJ.

The FBI-involved shooting of a family home is currently under investigation, leaving the family in the dark as to why their residence was destroyed by tear gas, flashbangs and bullets.

Reports indicate that most of the windows were broken out during the raid.

WBBJ reported:

A Chester County family is left with many unanswered questions after their relative was fatally shot during an arrest operation by FBI agents.

Thursday morning an arrest warrant by FBI agents ended in the fatal shooting of a Chester county man named Theodore Deschler. The family says the FBI refuses to tell them why they conducted the arrest warrant and why they shot him, leaving the family searching the house for clues as to what happened to their relative. We visited the residence and the family showed us around the property so we could better understand what happened. At the property, the family showed us where the agents broke multiple windows of the property.

“There’s three up front and two on the sides they broke out…they were shooting flash…smoke grenades,” said Russell Deschler, Brother of the Suspect.

They used flashbangs, destroyed the yard with trucks, shot through a refrigerator, broke tree limbs, and even knocked down a light over the garage because it was suspected to be a camera.

“We believe they broke the windows of the garage so they could shoot. Because if you look, that chair they moved from back there and they were standing on the chair when they shot,” Deschler said.

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