FBI Busted in Whitmer Kidnapping Case

The more we learn about the alleged kidnap plot against Gretchen Whitmer, the more corrupt the FBI looks. Instead of uncovering a plot, it appears that they helped plan it from the beginning.

The first few meetings they had, the FBI rented a hotel room and supplied food for the agents and the alleged plotters.

It is not unlikely that they will all go free. This could very well be a classic case of entrapment.

From the beginning, the plot seemed a little curious since they used more informants than there were plotters. There were 12 informants and just six defendants.

This happened just before the election and the plot was used to bludgeon Trump right up until Election Day.


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BuzzFeed is reporting that the FBI’s informants were part of the plot from its very beginning.

And since the FBI was in on it from the very beginning, there would be no conspiracy, but for the FBI. It appears that the lawyers for the defendants are trying to use entrapment as a defense, especially for those who were pulled into the plot by the FBI.

It will be interesting to find out the full extent of their involvement in the plot.

BuzzFeed reported:

An examination of the case by BuzzFeed News also reveals that some of those informants, acting under the direction of the FBI, played a far larger role than has previously been reported. Working in secret, they did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.

A longtime government informant from Wisconsin, for example, helped organize a series of meetings around the country where many of the alleged plotters first met one another and the earliest notions of a plan took root, some of those people say. The Wisconsin informant even paid for some hotel rooms and food as an incentive to get people to come.

Last week, the lawyer for one defendant filed a motion that included texts from an FBI agent to a key informant, the Iraq War veteran, directing him to draw specific people into the conspiracy — potential evidence of entrapment that he said the government “inadvertently disclosed.” He is requesting all texts sent and received by that informant, and other attorneys are now considering motions that accuse the government of intentionally withholding evidence of entrapment.


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The FBI was also involved in starting the Jan 6 rioting , using 20 unindighted co-conspirators to break into the capitol and hand out baseball bats. Both episodes were set-ups by the Democrat criminal FBI to entrap people and substantiate claims of vast white supremacy conspiracy!! We have a criminalFBI and a criminal DOJ!!

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Not to mention the majority of the instigators were antifa, paid for by soros. Why is it the FBI can find little grandma but are completely lost trying to find someone who planted bombs at the RNC and DNC hq? Could it be because the guy was an FBI agent? Pelosi is the most guilty of all. That hag should be hanged in public to dissuade demonRats from doing it again.

Judy peal

What are your facts to support your comment?


I believe this is just speculation … plausible, perhaps, but without definitive proof. And if there were agents provocateurs, they would not be so stupid as to make it easy for themselves to be identified as outsiders. You would use people who had already infiltrated patriotic groups. And real professionals are willing to spend a few months in prison to enhance their credibility.

What we can be sure of is this: if this was not a ‘plot’ by the enemies of liberty, it should have been. It was an ENORMOUS gift to the left — a real bonehead move. Played right into their hands.

But … for most of them, they are are own. They meant well. They did what they did because they did not have an adequate leadership. This is what will happen again and again, until we build a national organization, led by cold-blooded, sober, serious people … that can focus the anger and concern of patriots to try to prevent the destruction of our country.

We now need to support them.

Many of them will be going to prison. While they’re in, we need to make sure that every one of them gets letters and cards from fellow patriots. Some friends of mine and I are trying to organize this — email me at [email protected] if you want to take part. No money involved, other than buying some stamps.


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Our FBI and CIA have been compromised by Brennan and Clapper. Both men should go to jail for the conspiracy theories they promoted during the Trump presidency. As for agents of these Intelligence departments, they should be swept clean of woke or ambitious agents with any intent to take over the Republic in the name of Sociomarxism. The American Republic is the last bastion of freedom in the face of the earth still free. Hong Kong and Taiwan are being held captive and Canada slipped into the Sociocmarxist gulag with the advent of Justin Trudeau. Still flailing and gasping for a gulp of free air we wish Canada well and a return to sanity.




I believe it would be more correctly called sedition…………..and alot easier to prove


This sort of deranged reply is just what the Left love. You can be sure it’s being recorded and will be used against us.
Genuine patriots believe in the rule of law. For everyone.


You can see the filthy fingers of the Clinton’s and obamy all over the slimy FBI a once famous law enforcement but under the butt scratchers of the Clintons” and the Obamy lawless regime it is a joke run by traitors. Ass in the infiltration of that she ORG in the Jan 6th so called insurrection no doubt set up by Pelosts minions.


pedophiles their all pedophiles.. fbi, cia, media bosses, hollywood stars, why you think democrats do get away with murder. democrats playing them too. invite them to screw some 15 year old girl and bang they got them where they need them..to many guys think with their penis. even military commanders on bases.

know your enemy

fbi has been an embarrassment to Americans for decades. They have’nt been for justice or protection for the citizen since the 80s


Hope they get a real judge and he throws the book at them in penalties!

Christina Robleto

Lord may all those involved in this scam be exposed & be brought to justice. The FBI & DOJ has FAILED the people of this country. Their should be term limits for these agencies as well.

Sally B. Steinberg

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Last edited 7 days ago by Sally B. Steinberg

Click on that link and you will regret it. You’ll have to throw away your computer.

Cathy M DiLuzio

With this breaking news Pelosi should be arrested first thing Sunday morning. Break down her door.


Don’t fall for these junk news sites. All those headlines are just click-bait. We have to build a mass patriotic organization. We may or may not be able to win at the ballot box, but that’s one place we have to fight. In the meantime, we ought to be supporting the people who are now being sent to prison for doing something on 6 January that, if BLM had done it, they would be getting medals for.


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