FBI Alerted Over HuffPost’s Headline – The Most Dangerous Yet?

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Trump Derangement Syndrome operates much like a potent addiction, with those afflicted constantly seeking stronger rhetorical “drugs” to sustain their intense anti-Trump fervor.

This was evident on Tuesday when HuffPost published a headline that incited social media users to flag the FBI and the Secret Service, feeding into their insatiable appetite for escalating anti-Trump sentiments.

On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that recognized presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts.

This means that when a president takes official action, they are protected from intimidation and retribution tactics used by Democratic Party operatives against Trump.

The ruling did not specifically clear Trump of any wrongdoing, but it did set requirements for lower courts that are likely to delay the prosecution of his ongoing felony cases, including those related to his claims about the 2020 presidential election.

Even Trump’s conviction on May 30 is now subject to a sentencing delay due to the SCOTUS ruling. This news has caused frustration among Democrats.

HuffPost’s coverage reflected the party’s stance against Trump, while on social media platform X, users expressed concern over the violent language and even alerted federal authorities.

“This is the most dangerous headline in American history,” one user wrote.

“@fbi the @HuffPost is threatening President Trump. Do your job and investigate immediately,” another user wrote.

In another instance of waning trust in federal law enforcement, a user mentioned the FBI while acknowledging the fruitlessness of trying to involve that oppressive agency in support of Trump.

Even prominent conservative accounts took notice.

“End Wokeness,” an account with more than 2.6 million followers, tagged the Secret Service.

“CC: @SecretService. PS: Delete your joke of news site,” the tweet read.

Conservative pundit Rogan O’Handley encapsulated the scenario as part of a longer message to his 1.5 million followers on X.

“Anyone calling for Biden to use lethal military force against Trump is effectively calling for Trump’s assassination. Report them to X and proper law enforcement authorities. These Marxists are getting desperate … and violent,” O’Handley wrote.

The disdain directed at Trump from the entire establishment, including its media allies, began with simple ridicule and a deceitful Russia collusion hoax created in secret — the kind of activity the deep state has always engaged in.

This allowed them to feel superior, which is what they truly desire, while still scheming behind the scenes.

Now, eight years later, the excitement from those early lies and manipulations has faded.

The desperate establishment figures are in need of a new thrill. Hence the shameless public mentions of assassination.

How far will they go to satisfy their addiction to hating Trump? Without an intervention, it’s hard to predict.

One thing is certain, though. The HuffPost headline represents the extreme boundary of what any peaceful society can accept in its political discourse.




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