Facebook Has A God Complex

So Facebook has made another move up the ladder to dominating the thoughts and actions of humans with their announcement that they alone will be shaping religious experiences for the world.

“The company is intensifying formal partnerships with faith groups across the United States and shaping the future of religious experience,” wrote the New York Times.

Yahoo reported on the power grab:

Months before the megachurch Hillsong opened its new outpost in Atlanta, its pastor sought advice on how to build a church in a pandemic.

From Facebook.

The social media giant had a proposition, Sam Collier, the pastor, recalled in an interview: to use the church as a case study to explore how churches can “go further farther on Facebook.”

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For months Facebook developers met weekly with Hillsong and explored what the church would look like on Facebook and what apps they might create for financial giving, video capability or live streaming. When it came time for Hillsong’s grand opening in June, the church issued a news release saying it was “partnering with Facebook” and began streaming its services exclusively on the platform.

Beyond that, Collier could not share many specifics; he had signed a nondisclosure agreement.

“They are teaching us; we are teaching them,” he said. “Together we are discovering what the future of the church could be on Facebook.”

Facebook, which recently passed $1 trillion in market capitalization, may seem like an unusual partner for a church whose primary goal is to share the message of Jesus. But the company has been cultivating partnerships with a wide range of faith communities over the past few years, from individual congregations to large denominations, like the Assemblies of God and the Church of God in Christ.

Now, after the coronavirus pandemic pushed religious groups to explore new ways to operate, Facebook sees even greater strategic opportunity to draw highly engaged users onto its platform. The company aims to become the virtual home for religious community and wants churches, mosques, synagogues and others to embed their religious life into its platform, from hosting worship services and socializing more casually to soliciting money. It is developing new products, including audio and prayer sharing, aimed at faith groups.

The partnerships reveal how Big Tech and religion are converging far beyond simply moving worship services to the internet. Facebook is shaping the future of religious experience itself, as it has done for political and social life,” The New York Times reported. 


Globalism, Christlam, One world religion has been the topic of concern for many religious groups for decades.

Consider how Facebook has treated religious groups in the past.  One group of Hindu has long accused Facebook of suppressing their religious groups.

Many people see the, simply, move as capitalizing on an opportunity for control and dominance.


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If my church entered into a deal with Satan’s minion, I’d leave it and find another church.


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FB won’t get to decide what our religion will be, and if they should try, thousands of religious organizations- and their members and their families- will leave FB, permanently. FB membership will shrink exponentially, if so.


I have been banned from Facebook saying that we should trade all these little socialist for the brave Cubans who want freedom. So nothing surprises me about this with them.

Mark Gravitte

Here’s the issue. Facecrook and mark Undershirt are possessed by Satan himself. The God complex comes into play because in their warped, distorted brains (If they have one at all) they believe in their infinite wisdom that they are superior to God the Father. They are frightened because God cannot and will not be controlled, coerced or manipulated by the likes of mark undershirt and facecrook. You ignorant morons can’t fact check, alter or manipulate God’s words. Good luck in hell Lucuferians. Facecrook is for senile, demented losers.

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