The BRUTAL Truths That Leftists Who “Want A Revolution” Need to Realize


Spot on meme destroys leftist claiming to ‘want a revolution.’ Check out these slap-in-the-face facts about who owns this country! BAM! Thank a taxpayer today!

VIA| At the University of North Carolina, they’re advising employees to avoid offending their co-workers by saying things that could be defined as “microaggressions.” So what are they so worried about?

Well, talking about a “Christmas vacation” is out, so is complimenting someone’s shoes and referring to a co-worker’s “husband” or “wife” instead of “partner” or “spouse” are all examples of microaggressions that can really hurt peoples’ feelings, CampusReform is reporting.Some other examples? Saying you “don’t know” any gay people – even if you don’t; declaring that you’re “OCD” about something or that when you’re forgetful, you might say you’re “ADHD” because it minimizes people with REAL mental issues – and the kicker:

Telling your staff that you should “have a staff retreat at a country club” and “plan a round of golf.” How is this a “microaggression?” Because some people can’t afford to go to a country club and don’t play golf.

According to UNC, “having an office dress code that applies to men and women differently assumes that your staff fits into one of two gender categories; can also be a violation of anti-discrimination policies.”

For the same reason, the guide adds, “only having ‘man’/’woman’ or ‘male’/‘female’ as options for gender on forms” constitutes a microaggression because it means that one “must fit in the gender binary and select among these predefined categories.”

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